Star Wars characters will literally be called “Fisto” and nobody bats an eye

“Hi, I’m Thomas”

“I’m Kid Fisto!”

“Absolutely fucking not”

“Tell me something about yourself, Fisto”

“I love blue milk and jizz!”

“Okay, we’re done here”

@Thomas Hell, if they didn't flinch at "Jar Jar Binks" then the sky's the limit.

@Thomas That's the wonders of starting out with names like "Obi-Wan", "Beru", "Vader", and "Palpatine"; in a crowd like that "Fisto" gets lost in the shuffle!

@Thomas I kinda have a memory of some documentary on some star wars media talking about how they asked george lucas for a name of a character and he gave them I think something that basically was jus the r-slur? or something like that. idr details

@Thomas Fisto is extremely normal and thus able to pull it off.

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