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I suppose I should myself!

I'm a metadata at an academic library. I mainly do "strategy" work like developing metadata application profiles and devising best practices. I'm also faculty.

I'm a huge fan of film and literature, as well as music (particularly goth and glam rock). Over the past few years, I've gotten really into .

My @ is a pun on the David Lynch film "Wild at Heart" and the fact that I love Oscar Wilde.

I’ve been listening to Jason Scott’s podcast while I work, and it’s been both fascinating and calming.

Me: oh neat, this conference workshop is about a new DH software that looks interesting
Me: *sees that the vendor is doing the workshop, that the software isn’t open source, and that in the fall it will no longer be free*
Me: >:[

Guess who the new faculty union library rep is lads

I ordered a Lovesac like a week ago. So far, only the ottoman and its cover have arrived. When will my giant overpriced bean bag return from war.

Watched Constantine (the movie) for the first time in like over a decade on Friday night. Love the pleasant experience of knowing who actors are now so I could go “oh shit that’s Peter Stormare as Satan?!”

I bought some olive oil soap from Palestine. Very excited for it to get here.

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In a quick look back over 30 years of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), its creator, Phil Zimmermann, says "the need for protecting our right to a private conversation has never been stronger. " We agree.

Fun fact! I’m gonna be a LGBTQ+ Wiki Scholar in July! Applied for the course and got accepted. Already did the Wikidata Institute, so this should be fun.

I very much want to make a Gemini and/or Gopher version of my website. I also want to give it an onion address. Gotta figure out how to get a Tor relay going on my Pi.

My boyfriend bought “Device 6” for me. Anybody ever play it?

Also, a very queer film. Lots of gender happening. Curious to see what scholarly work has been done about it!

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Mention of body horror 

I think a difference between Carpenter and Cronenberg is that Cronenberg understands the eroticism of body horror. Every time a character said “open up to me,” I was like, Cronenberg gets it!

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I watched Videodrome for the very first time Friday night. How had I not seen it before?! That movie was made for me.

I didn’t think that Hugo played nice with wikilinks, but there’s one digital garden that I know uses org-roam and Hugo. Will have to investigate that setup.

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Perhaps I can convert the org files to Markdown and export directly to the correct folder to compile? Trying to avoid SSGs that are way too big for what I need. I know org-mode plays nicely with Hugo, though.

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I use the Chīsai static site generator because it’s very simple and anticapitalist. It’s just Python code to compile from Markdown to HTML, and then I host from GitHub pages (though I am considering self-hosting now that I own a Raspberry Pi).

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So I recently started using Doom Emacs, org-mode, and org-roam. Really liking it! I like how everything is in one place, yet it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to be everything (like Notion, and Obsidian was getting that way for me). It’s simple and is only what I need it to be. Having to think if I will migrate my digital garden from Foam to org-roam, and how well that will work with my current SSG.

Watching Maurice for the first time in a while. Such a masterpiece.

Picked up “The True Story of the Bridgewater Astral League” on vinyl today. Still can’t believe Jack Terricloth is gone. Punk legend.

Gentleman Caller is coming over tomorrow, and we are going to listen to Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl. Despite Pink Floyd being my mom’s favorite band, I’ve never listened to an album all the way through!

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