i haven't even seen TROS yet but i've been spoiled the shit out of it and don't really want to. fkfjf
at least not having paid for it with my own money. lmfao

BUT is that gonna stop me from complaining about it? nope!

TROS gripes 

it's been over a week and i still am not over learning that Rey and Kylo kiss. like are you FUCKING kidding me? J.J. literally said he wouldn't. he SAID.

but Disney like held a gun to their heads and told them to add it. for who??

everyone i know who doesn't stan reylo is either like "meh it's just really not a good relationship" or just viscerally hating it.

who was this for. fkfjf
the reylos? you pandered to those weirdos and no one else?

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TROS gripes 

we've been making fun of reylos for literal years and now WE'RE the assholes. we have the egg on our face?? they won??? i'm still losing my fucking marbles.

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i had more to say on different topics but now i'm just disgruntled abt rey/lo and lost my train of thought. fkfjgk

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