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- he/him
- 22
- disaster bisexual
- trans/nb
- ADHD and BPD, psych says probable OCD
- white
- aries-pisces cusp sun, aries moon

my fave movie genres are horror, animated, and musicals, but i like lots of others too.

oh also i've finally started watching the Mandalorian. yes it's really good and yes of COURSE Baby yoda has stolen my heart.

ok so long-due Knives Out opinion post: that movie FUCKED. that movie kicked my ass, but like i realize it's so hard to talk about without spoiling ANYTHING. fkfjfk


me and @dogs are gonna watch Rogue One tomorrow and i'm probably gonna cry again.

i wanna see Doctor Sleep again but the only theater near me still playing it is a 40 min drive away. :^(

i keep forgetting to post my thoughts on Knives Out. i saw it like over a week ago. fkfng

whoops, meant to retoot that to my other account but w/e lol. CHECK OUT MY FIANCE'S CUTE ART!!!

some animal crossings!! i made more but i dont like how multi upload looks with 2+ images : / #art

seeing Jojo Rabbit on tuesday. the last day it's available in theaters. fkfjt

phew. close call. almost didn't make it.

DAMNIT. Knives Out was having an early access screening once tonight and once tomorrow night, but by the time i learned this all of the showings are full up except for some sparse single seats still open, so me and my brother couldn't go see it. :^(

JON FAVREAU: hey werner buddy, you ready to shoot your scene? pedro's been waiting for a bit, that suit gets really sweaty
WERNER HERZOG, MALAISED WATCHING A VIDEO OF THE NICK NOLTE ALIEN: the moisture farmer is simple, on appearance he is diminuitive in comparision to the hulking bounty hunter. He has no armada of weapons, yet in this relationship he holds power. Why is this? He has made an unholy pact with nature, these beasts will one day devour him for his insolence, as is the rightful way

apparently Werner Herzog cried the first time he saw the Yoda species baby puppet on set. fkfjgkg

that is so fucking funny but also like, understandable.

i'm really fucking pumped for Knives Out. like i just cannot wait to see it.

honestly? gonna drag my brother in to see Parasite with the exact level of ignorance of anything about the plot of the movie as i had so that he can experience that wild ride blind like i did.

suddenly hit with that random REALLY powerful craving to watch the Sound of Music again that i get sometimes.

tbt me taking a 3 hour bus trip to make it to a convention several cities away and buying a ticket to get in just to meet Sonic the Hedgehog's current voice actor and get him to sign my tshirt.

god this other instance i've been trying keeps fucking crashing.

maybe i'll just return to my snouts account as my main. lol

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