Day 3 of only drinking mtn dew and eating pizza pops because i thought it would make me more comfortable to do work but has instead made me feel sicker (d'oy) let's go.


Few dews in and id like to state for the record that drinking pop all day makes you feel worse than drinking beer all day.

@ttle oh damn I could have saved you the trouble and told you this lol

My first year at the college I work at I subsisted on pure caffeine bc I only ate once a day bc so busy and just chugged coffee and Coke to get through and whew what a difference to this year where I did neither of those things and actually ate food.

Soda is so damn bad you lol. Im trying very hard to completely eliminate it from my life

@ItsJenNotGabby yeah. I never drink pop but I had a big project to work on for work so i thought I'd indulge in some comfort food. But it is making me sick lol. On the other hand, im just crushing the project so who is to say if it's good or bad

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