not sure if anyone mentioned it already but it's been one year since closed. Hope the devs are all doing alright

watched princess mononoke. nice movie about giving up on eco-terrorism and being a normal teenager instead

watched la chinoise by godard. Kinda funny and insightful at points but mostly boring. Coming to terms with being a pleb!

watched family romance llc. interesting movie, pretty sad too

watched porco rosso. Probably the funniest ghibli movie yet. really got a kick out of the pirates who where always getting bossed around by young women lol. This is probably the movie i'm most likely to rewatch when i'm just chilling

Watched spirited away, i really liked it. it looked so good. Digging the ghibli movies so far

Watched Howl's moving castle. Really cool movie. Netflix canada has a bunch of ghibli movies and I'm looking forward to checking them out

I've done yoga for 91 days in a row, here's some of my thoughts 

yoga is a lot of fun

watched the favourite, pretty good movie all in all. rachel weisz's arc made me think of venom snake lol

i think i figured out what the letter is for. I don't think I will be going to jail. Gotta check to make sure though. I am feeling a lot better about it.

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got a mysterious letter from the police addressed to me and sent to my parent's house. 😰

Watched Clue goofy movie but it gets the thumbs up. Also lots some serious retro honeys.

Logan Paul here, for this video I investigated the issues affecting America today. For this past week I have been conducting a social experiment where I disguised myself as a police officer and a black man and saw the different ways that people interacted with me.

:bing: when will my son grow out of his "posting" phase

soyfacing as the heroin enters my bloodstream

watched once upon a time in hollywood. not really sure what that movie was about but it was a lot of fun.

Shout out to the person who texted my roommate "i just want to know i stand with you. Black lives matter." And has been getting steady clowned on by her ever since

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