Watched Turbo Kid. Not really tuned into the 80s enough to get all the jokes but the cartoonishly gory violence was very fun and the story was nice. Thumbs up.

Watched Inside Llewyn Davis. Good movie, don't have anything funny to say about it.

Watched Collateral (2004) about John Wick with depression (Tom Cruise) meeting his new best friend the Action Simp (Jamie Foxx). Really cool movie. Thumbs up.

Watched the Guest last night, really fun movie.

Watched Equilibrium last night. Such a kick ass movie lol. It was goofy at some points but that did kinda add to and overall great viewing experience

Confession Time 

Many toots I favourite, are not really my favourite toots. :(

Watched the Witness with Harrison Ford. Very cool movie. Liked it a lot.

Watched Lord of War. Pretty entertaining for a news movie. CGI was brutal.though lol

I am watching movies again. Gotta say, it's fun.

Watched True Grit (2010), good movie. I didn't think it would be so funny.

Watched Eddie Pepitone - For the Masses. Very funny although I think the wedding part dragged on too long he certainly knows more about being entertaining than I do.

Watching Doug Stanhope's the Unbookables. Really funny but really offensive. These people are lunatics lol.

These fellas love making movies they should be called the "no end" brothers lol

Watched a documentary on the Beach Boys' album Pet Sounds. This probably goes without saying but it's a good one if you like the album.

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