i like using enough but now that I'm having a computer problem it is straight up just up to me to figure it out lol

[a last dry pant of air from my withered bones]: Maybe a Dingo ate Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Taking the to center the votes of women and BIPOC by abstaining from voting this year. I hope white men around the world will join me in making sure that we all stand up for others by standing down. Thank you.

@nate hey nate, about a year ago you recommended I read "parable of the sower" by octavia butler because I liked Le Guin's The Dispossessed. I've (finally) gotten around to reading it and I'm liking it a lot. Thank you.

listening to death grips money store great album

Sometimes you hear a burn and can't help but go "Damn! They just went there!"

Happy birthday to my grandpa!

He's not on the fediverse, but that's okay because this isn't a picture of him and it isn't his birthday.

Richard Dawkins: This "God" shite's rubbish innit

I hope they serve Soylent in Hell - Cucker Max

playing the game fall guys, really fun although it is clearly a game for wee babies

watched a separation, not sure what everyone was saying (i don't speak Persian) but they sure seemed upset

My gf keeps making fun of my 2 in 1 body wash/ shampoo. She's got a two part conditioner! Bitch that's not even 1 in 1!

reading the 10 monkey commandments and getting sentimental

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