Nick cannon a bitch 🎶
When i see nick cannon ill beat his ass🎶

Coming up woth a new from of replying. Boutta test it out on someone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

There are three Gs in my life God, Gym and Gaming

Dew : crushed
Chips : gone
Pops : devoured
Work : still got some stuff to do
Bowels : aching

I call that a win.

009 Sound System - Dreamscape best song of the 21st century

Oppressed peoples of the world just want you to be happy.

Two twelve year olds fight
Don't get involved
Don't get involved at all
Their dads hangin' dong in the back yard

Few dews in and id like to state for the record that drinking pop all day makes you feel worse than drinking beer all day.

Mr. Peanut had info on Hillary Clinton
Mr. Peanut had info on Kevin Spacey
Mr. Peanut was killed in a drone strike in Iran
Mr. Peanut died in the Australian Fires
Mr. Peanut died in the Opioid Crisis
Mr. Peanut died drinking Flint tap water (still not clean btw)
Mr. Peanut was ritually sacrificed
Mr. Peanut died of AIDS-related complications
Mr. Peanut died of a broken heart 😢
Mr. Peanut died of a peanut allergy
Mr. Peanut died because Lizzo sat on him
Mr. Peanut died of the coronavirus

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