Gonna get me knob sucked clean off me body this weekend Hell no i ain't got a loicence to vote

Please be considerate and leave the UK election news off the fediverse, some of us will be trying to find out who the new character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be at that time.

First Zoomer elected to congress steps down after comments calling African Americans "cringe" surface from 2019

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a glomping a human face - forever.

Becoming more wise from witnessing the follies of youth

[To the tune of "Bill Nye the Science Guy]: Marg bar Amerika

so if I don't see a "big league" poster from when I was posting in July around anymore they have been run off the site, ah?

crying at my daughter's wedding thinking about how proud chris dorner would have been of her

the bruh moment to end all bruh moments...
and the bruh moment that came after that

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