I watched the firefly show. It was fun, reminded me of the mandalorian (or vice versa, whatever). Watched serenoty and I gotta say that movie wasn't very good. Although now I am using the series to annoy my gf with stories about MK Ultra

What HBO's Phil Specter with Al Pacino and Helen Mirren. Kinda boring but Phil Spector is an interesting guy.

Watched run last night. Fine movie, pretty formulaic but it was creepy enough to keep you engaged and the actress who played chloe was good.

Gonna bring back "eating tide pods" as a punchline

Watched Zodiac last night. Cool creepy movie about why you should get into true crime.

Oh shit, my roommate's opinion on currents events has drastically shifted. Someone's listened to a podcast.

I thought of a gross toot but I didn't post it. Do I deserve a medal? Yes. Do I want one? No (too humble)

The duality of man is tearing the club up and shutting the club down

Watched year one last night. Not great but got a few chuckles

You will never reach your ASPIRATIONS without ASS PERSPIRATIONS. Get out there and work your butt off for your dreams!


So embarrassing that guys can't find the clit lol 🤭 It's the big hole, dummy! Not difficult haha.

Eh, whoda fuck duz this guy think he is? Some sorta Octopath Travuhluh?

Watched Mission impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. Lots of action, fun to watch. It made me laugh every time the said Ghost Protocol seriously haha

Watched Ghost Dog. Great movie. Had a lot of fun.

The first job when I was 17 was Burger King. I didn't want to call it Burger King either because like y'know. So I used to call it the BK Lounge. If the girls were like "Where do you work?" I was like "I work down at the BK Lounge".

Watched the new guy last night. A fun silly movie, lots of 'you can't get away with THAT anymore' moments

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