Magic Kingdom: the legend of Damortis is such a particular vibe. πŸ’ž The soundtrack. πŸ’ž The shots. πŸ’ž The nostalgic 90's factor. πŸ’ž Oh to be a kid princess with a stone bleeding fire. πŸ’ž

Reading novels while listening to film soundtrack *kisses fingertips* is so choice.

Note to self: Marilyn Monroe Marathon

because come to think of it

I Don't Know Her Like That

Death In Venice Spoilers! 

Wish that I, too, had died of heart disease in front of the beach while reaching out to the object of my obssession as they spread their arms as if to embrace the sun *BEFORE* I had the chance to humiliate myself for the sake of my health

...but alas

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I wasn't even slightly intrigued by Midsommer but now obviously I *have* to see both.

I just don't care at all if its well-shot if the writing shits... πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ

Can't claim to have seen all of Natalie Portman's movies, but Anne Boleyn has got to be one of her best performances.

I've seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off ten thousand times, I may have a problem.

Oh this is where that Life Moves Fast quote is from. Well gee, just another reason why this movie is perfect.

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Mathew and Mia are so good looking, I've literally never been so upset...

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Watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off

God, wish that were me

I can't believe this shit, The Secret Garden is getting a new movie. I can't believe this shit!!!!! I grew up on the 1993 remake and remember wanting to fight anyone who said the older versions were ~better~ and now I'm!!!!!

Can't stop thinking about this scene in particular and the context around it (from The Wind That Shakes The Barley). Every year it grows more powerful.

To be fair even just merely binge-adding films to your Watchlist is an experience in and of itself.

Happy 2020 Laserdisc Party! I've decided to actually set a movies goal this year: see at least 15 films already on my neglected watchlist. Lol

Not film related, but I wonder if any of you laserdisco peopo are active on Discord?

Willow 1988 

The evil queen's daughter's subtle first scene, where she was kind of an afterthought, but I was so snatched. What a presence.

I watched Willow 1988 after catching someone post about it here. It's so charming!! Really brought me back to times as a kid when my dad stayed up very late watching fantasy movies and I would fall asleep midway haha.

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