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Hey, I'm Patrick. I'm a queer cis-male from Chicago. I like films (especially horror), music, wrestling and video games. You know, a very interesting person.

I'm going to be on an episode of Genre Grinder about 1981 slasher movies at the end of July, so expect a lot of posts about Canadian tax shelter flicks in the meantime.

This movie is bad but Stanley Tucci and Cher are both movie stars and they have INSANE chemistry, please remake this movie with out Xtina.

Kristen Bell is the bitchy brunette in this and it is impossible for me to not imagine this as some sort of bizarre The Good Place AU.

Look, @Thomas says I shouldn't subject myself to this movie but It's Bi Visibility Day It has Alan Cummings and there was a looking-for-work montage scored to really awful music that mashed-up 9 to 5 with Marilyn Manson's Beautiful People?? Or something??? This is bisexual culture, I will not have it erased.

Ok, actually, this is terrible. If this was actually about 2010 burlesque it'd be a bunch of topless Doctor Whos or something.

The rating promised partial nudity, if I don't get to see Stanley Tucci's butt I'm rioting.

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I used to get drunk and go onstage and do bad stand-up and now I get drunk and go on eBay and buy out of print dvds, so yes, I am getting better with age.

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Incredible Melting Man is a 50's throwback from 1977 that feels like a Roger Corman cheapie, but if that Roger Corman cheapie had the nastiest goopiest gore you've ever seen. I am such a sucker for melting people, bless all filmmakers who choose to melt their characters, they will be Princes in the Kingdom of God.

The Wild Boys (Les garçons sauvages) is an absolutely jaw-dropping and gorgeous queer erotic fantasy, calls to mind Kenneth Anger or Guy Maddin. It's easily one of the most interesting films I've seen in years. It's streaming on Shudder, which offers week-long free trials. You should check it out.

I can't watch 90's DTV action movies anymore because any potentially amusing bits are hampered by me imagining Nostalgia Critic or whoever making a face and nudging me.

On the bright side, I saw the trailer for Underwater and YOOOOO, MY GIRL K-STEW IS LOOKING SO BUTCH!

Thinking of getting "Never Believe Good Reviews" tattooed on my left tit.

Ad Astra spoilers 

Ad Astra spoilers 

I saw Ad Astra. It hit a particular nerve of mine that made me turn on it but it looks spectacular and if you're the kind of person who liked Contact you should definitely see it.

Every Spotify official Halloween playlist is the drizzling shits, how is Come On Eileen a Halloween song, fuck outta here, pay artists and stop telling me a slightly tense Drake song is Halloween.

Thicc Man Wearing Little 

The new season of GBBO has no grannies what the FUCK do they think they're doing.

The YouTube algorithm just suggested a feature length Halloween fan-film that is VERY no budget and I am wondering how it got recommended to me but also just rolling with it because I love slasher fan films.

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