Can somebody help me define "arthouse cinema"?

@slightlyflightyone I think in its simplest form, it kind of stands in opposition to "blockbuster cinema" or "mainstream cinema," which is to say cheaper, character-driven, less beholden to popular forms, more elliptical

@derek I described it as “film that’s prentious and makes no money”.

Sounds like we hit similar notes?

@derek For context, the reason it came up was because someone asked me my favorite kinds of movies.

“Easily arthouse cinema”

@slightlyflightyone That covers a hell of a lot of ground, could be anything from Eraserhead to Moonlight

@slightlyflightyone That's kind of the idea, yeah, but there are arthouse "hits," it's just a matter of scale. And a lot of them are pretentious too. Thoughtful, arty, there's a bunch of ways to describe them.

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