Now Playing: Hitchcock's Rope (1948) starring Jimmy Stewart and John Dall

I've actually seen this a few times already (and wasn't the biggest fan). But I'm interested to see how the 14 Hitchcock films I've seen so far will color my opinion of it.

Ok, sure, they committed a senseless murder for shits and giggles. But.. now they're drinking champagne out of martini glasses.... THE MONSTERS!!!

..and yes, there is an actual rope. It's not just a metaphor. This is the rope.

Christ, they're all doing it! Hitch, man, you should know better! You drink tea out of a mug, too??

Jimmy Stewart invents The Purge cracking wise at a dinner party! Only he suggests it lasts a week!

Ok, this whole story (started as a stage play) is based on Nietzsche's Ubermensch (another psychology reference by Hitch).

Well, I ended up really liking it this time around. It was a little on the nose at times. But, I liked what he did with this one. And I particularly enjoy single-location stories that work now. I think before I felt it to be a little claustrophobic. The psychological tie-ins were delightful as well.

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