Ok my list is nearly 150 but I'll cut it down later. The first maybe 60-70 are ranked-ish. I tried to slide films that are truly important to me up. I think once I go through the ones I got from the list I will have a solid 100 films that are actually important to me and not just films I really liked or think are important to film.


@saltycoffee I haven't seen any of the docs on yours! I'm gonna have to add them to the watch list


Alrighty, I've gotten my all combed out. Pruned and ranked :blobjoy:


I've also created a list for honorable mentions, films I really like but didn't make the cut:


Of course, this may change in the future as I recall other essential films.

@saltycoffee OMG, you have Synecdoche, New York on yours! I thought I was one of 2 people on the planet who loved that movie.

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