Hi, guys (and girls?). I'm a screenwriter, so by default I'm a film lover. I'm the type who can watch The Turin Horse and Robocop in the same night. Although, a night like that is usually spent by myself now, since I moved to Greece. I used to live in NY, if there are any NYers in the group? Or any Greeks?

Anyway, looking forward to partying with y'all.

@saltycoffee Guys, girls, those beyond, and in between.

Welcome to l.p!

@derek this. I'm also quite new to Mastadon, so I haven't figured out how to view people in the group yet!

@saltycoffee Well it's not really a group, it's closer to a server. By my count there's like 20 of us. You can poke around in the Federated timeline and find either active l.p users or other people l.p people follow and interact with.

You've gotta do a little legwork to find your kin, but it's rewarding work. That's just the nature of decentralization.

@saltycoffee (the federated timeline being that little globe icon above the search bar on the left side of the screen)

@saltycoffee Other than being east of Lake Ontario and getting bombarded by lake effect snow, it's lovely.

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