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Alrighty, I've gotten my all combed out. Pruned and ranked :blobjoy:

I've also created a list for honorable mentions, films I really like but didn't make the cut:

Of course, this may change in the future as I recall other essential films.

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Hi, guys (and girls?). I'm a screenwriter, so by default I'm a film lover. I'm the type who can watch The Turin Horse and Robocop in the same night. Although, a night like that is usually spent by myself now, since I moved to Greece. I used to live in NY, if there are any NYers in the group? Or any Greeks?

Anyway, looking forward to partying with y'all.

So Mirai was quite good and definitely a step up from The Boy and the Beast. No quite on par with the twin masterpieces of Wolf Children and Summer Wars, but still very good. Along with Yuasa and Shinkai, Hosoda is the one to watch.

Just watched They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead. It was pretty cool to see a ton of Welles’ footage from unfinished work. I’m still not sure I’m ready to watch The Other Side of the Wind. I wonder if he would have wanted it out there finished by someone else.

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OK goth Friday. I'll play too...

Well, I ended up really liking it this time around. It was a little on the nose at times. But, I liked what he did with this one. And I particularly enjoy single-location stories that work now. I think before I felt it to be a little claustrophobic. The psychological tie-ins were delightful as well.

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Ok, this whole story (started as a stage play) is based on Nietzsche's Ubermensch (another psychology reference by Hitch).

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Jimmy Stewart invents The Purge cracking wise at a dinner party! Only he suggests it lasts a week!

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Christ, they're all doing it! Hitch, man, you should know better! You drink tea out of a mug, too??

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..and yes, there is an actual rope. It's not just a metaphor. This is the rope.

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Ok, sure, they committed a senseless murder for shits and giggles. But.. now they're drinking champagne out of martini glasses.... THE MONSTERS!!!

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I've actually seen this a few times already (and wasn't the biggest fan). But I'm interested to see how the 14 Hitchcock films I've seen so far will color my opinion of it.

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Now Playing: Hitchcock's Rope (1948) starring Jimmy Stewart and John Dall

Robin Hood rethought as a Blaire Witch type horror/monster movie where Robin Hood terrorizes the rich as some kind of wraith.

Einstein crosses and gravitational lensing in general.. Soo farking cool!

Physicists Used Einstein’s Relativity To Successfully Predict A Supernova Explosion

Over 9 billion years ago, a distant star exploded. Thanks to Einstein, we’ve seen it multiple times on replay.

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