anyone want a link to a dog sleeping for a bit over 30 minutes

you know
for science

[there's gonna be one in a bit over an hour]

trying to locate
glasses and shoes
cause i gotta go touch some tech
back at the site

don't worry
the place i have to be is empty
and i will be the biggest threat
to health and welfare
in the place

covid - math 

going through DB wildcards
until you find the one
the site with no documentation
is using

work -- grrrrrrrr 

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homemade guacamole
homegrown kefir
store bought blue chips for breakfast

is how i roll

work -- grrrrrrrr 

is watching a bunch of videos by respected video essayists about "Cats" a valid form of film study?

cause there are some good ones

can't find energy to film
so i shoot
same rig
same glass
as we all should be

covid - wisconsin 

covid - opening the firewall 

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