been turtling
will continue to turtle
until the time of splashing

the number of names
on the vietnam memorial wall
in washington, DC

keep deleting pictures of myself
cause that feels right

so it's gonna be doggo pictures
for a few weeks
as i sort through twenty years
of photos

[also missing a ton from before 2002 so hmmm....]

been sorting photos
it was kinda jarring
falling out of my new photos
--black and white
into the color spectacle from before

(i'm sure there is an artistic statement to be made about above -- but i'm not going that way today)

walking about town
with your fuzzy friend
taking pictures
then making them
into a slideshow
like you do


covid - employment 

pour one out
for the 12 techs
who won't be going to work
on monday

i say as i shutdown for the weekend
after the meeting
where 12 people were missing

covid - wisconsin -- brown county - green bay 

i think there might be a problem at the packing house

not sure

but a a correlation between a cluster of confirmed cases and specific locations where their operations are not accessible to the public within Brown County

sounds a bit like
we ain't gonna say it
but that packing house on the upper east side
yeah that one
yeah that one 🙄

covid -- hella dark -- death race 2000 

in light of certain events
in recent days
i thought of this scene
for some reason


locking my computer
at lunch time
when i go to a different room
to eat
and continue doing what i was doing
at work

cause i'm hella not contributing

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