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- Richie
- he/him
- 23
- disaster bisexual
- trans/nonb
- taken, engaged to @dogs 💗
- white

my fave movie genres are horror, animated, and musicals, but i like lots of others too.

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being happy when the end of the world happens call that an apogalypse

ducktales, but the money bin is full of thumbdrives of bitcoin

okay i dont know literally anything abt the saw franchise but they went off with that main theme w the violins

[shakes a blood bag out in the dark woods to draw some vampire milfs to my location]

the thing abt being autistic is that it automatically makes me very funny and sexy

it also made me have very bad hand eye coordination but you win some you lose some

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How many bodies are buried beneath the coins in the McDuck vault?

it's the most clichéd shit, but "if you're out of ideas, take a walk or take a shower" has consistently proven to be good advice

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"Supermassive Black Hole" sounds like someone living on a diet of Doritos and Dream Theater trying to write an R&B song and I *fucking love it*

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Am I goth, or normal?

ok, I was just wondering but am I Goth? I almost always wear black, I love dark colors, but also bright. I like the fact of death, I love vampires, zombies, any thing dead. But I also like cats, heaven, nice ness and I hate heavy metal! Am I Goth or just normal? my friends say I act like it. help!

finally found an affordable and customizable bat model for vrchat but i need to log so many hours in it before i can upload custom stuff

so now i'm wandering around

if anyone wants to be friends we can wander around together some time (i use PC btw)

last night i was listening to Mostly Nitpicking talk abt The Witches, and then they started discussing other movies based on Roald Dahl books

and Nando said he doesn't think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a very good movie????

and i was so incensed i stopped the podcast and opened Netflix to watch the movie again just to cleanse my palate.

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