I am literally begging you to delete the 85 thousand emails you have never read from your gmail. Who are you doing this for. Why do you even an email address

@radicalrobit I have an unread zero policy on my email. I went through a while back, marked all my unread emails as read, and then made sure to read every email. If it wasn't something I cared about, I unsubscribed and deleted.

@radicalrobit I currently have 5,212 unread emails that are in folders I don't read. These were last cleaned up (everything older than two weeks deleted) a week ago

@radicalrobit someone help us, our email exchange infrastructure is bloated

@radicalrobit these badges have been here for literally years now and I have a feeling they will never go away

@infernusgoatus I still don't like this but at least this isn't showing 17K unread.

@radicalrobit Every year or so I go into my husband’s inbox (not a euphemism) and delete all the unnecessary emails that he blithely wandered past without removing. A person has to have a hobby!

@radicalrobit you'll be happy to hear i just cleared out my two email folders a couple days ago, when I get a new email it says (1) now. Divine

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