You know all those roombas that used 3D laser scanners to map your rooms to better vacuum?

Well they belong to Amazon now.

@radicalrobit clinging even harder to my old dumb roomba that doesn't connect to anything except the charger lol

@radicalrobit "Well, that's okay because Amazon can help me find stuff to put in my rooms"

@radicalrobit luckily the one that brought the lidar feature to market was not the one who got bought, so there are still options if someone wants one (Neato was the first, and they have some other cool features. Maybe I should finally get around to replacing the batteries in mine)

@radicalrobit jeff bezos wants to know the precise dimensions of your domicile for totally normal, non pervert reasons

@radicalrobit now they'll know which room to land their drone into to deliver packages…

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