-So are we buying olive garden franchises or pictures of olive gradens?




i don't understand why they even bother restraining themselves from being like "Stage 3, everyone that was ever rude to you will call you and admit they were wrong. Limited edition Zuppa Tuscana Helmet" so long as they're just 100% making shit up.

@radicalrobit Poe's Law in full effect here, I can't tell if it's satire or not (i really hope it is)

@balrogboogie if it is, they've made tens of thousands of dollars already as all the "restaurants" are sold out

@radicalrobit “wow, Olive Garden is doing an NFT?”

No, we’re just fans

@radicalrobit I'm imagining once step 7 succeeds I'll be driving up to some huge McMansion on the Philadelphia mainline and telling the guy who lives there that he thinks he owns 4 area Olive Gardens, but in fact the one on Kirkwood Highway is mine now

@Louisa I really want to know - besides you know, just everything with this - how they think franchising works because buying the parent company does not automatically grant them ownership of franchised locations.

@radicalrobit the fucked up thing is, I'm sure a percentage of them have enough money to just literally buy an Olive Garden franchise if that's the ideal outcome

Like, Olive Garden WANTS you to give them money and open more Olive Gardens

@Louisa but what's the point if you can't make it needlessly stupid with blockchain?

@radicalrobit hmmm that's true, so who can say if it's a good idea or not

@radicalrobit the scampi sneakers are so unnecessary to this roadmap and also my favorite part

@Moss @radicalrobit each one has a half pound of real gulf shrimp embedded in the midsole

@radicalrobit@laserdisc.party lmao people are flipping these on opensea for like $100-150 each what the fuck

@radicalrobit I'm counting the days until they are contacted by Darden's lawyers and sued into the dirt

@radicalrobit is this satire? please tell me this is a joke, it really reads like one, but I can't be sure these days

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