capitalists sure love the free market right up until that same free market has decided that you can no longer attract employees with shit wages

If you've raised your wages but you still can't attract any applicants, it's not because nobody wants to work, it's because you didn't raise it enough. Keep raising it, and then once you start getting applications, you'll know you've reached the pay scale to attract workers.

You would think capitalists would do this instead of bitch constantly to the WSJ and the NYtimes


1) double the fed min wage ($14.50)
2) option for (reasonably good!!) health insurance
3) full-time hours for any employee who wants them
4) reasonable, set schedules published in advance

That’s all they gotta offer. But even this bare minimum affords workers too much dignity, so here we are.

@Ethancdavenport some dipshit business owner in texas was mad that no on answered his call for temp work starting at 14 an hour and it's like no fuck dude what do you expect. no one is going to answer that for only a few hours worth of work to make like less than 40 bucks.

@radicalrobit @Ethancdavenport was that the guy mad nobody wanted to unload a truck into his drop ship facility?

@Ethancdavenport @radicalrobit won’t someone think about the small business owners like some guy that dropships sex toys from a warehouse outside Dallas?

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@radicalrobit @Ethancdavenport

He probably forks over at least 1/3rd again of 14/hr to the temp agency. So why doesn't he just fire the temp agency and do a direct hire? Temp agencies are shit and I worked for every damn one at some point. A few likely "shared monopolies" in the U.S. like Roth Staffing own nearly all of them.

What a butthead.

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@xenophora @radicalrobit @Ethancdavenport

its like the constant complaining here in England there aren't enough van and lorry drivers, electricians, builders etc - when for 30 years bosses have not invested in training (and became dependent on workers from foreign countries, many of whom had been trained by their public sector utilities in their home countries who swallowed the costs, as an alternative to conscription when "peace broke out" in the 1990s)

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@vfrmedia @radicalrobit @Ethancdavenport

The average boss doesn't want to train anyone for anything. The Great God Boss should just drop the perfect worker in their lap, mouth agape like a baby bird: all excited to get a few crumbs.

Seen more than enough of that, too. (Of course these rich clowns also want schools privatized so they can pay even less in taxes. Because yeah that makes total sense.)

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@vfrmedia @xenophora @radicalrobit @Ethancdavenport peace broke out in the 1990s... hmmm

hello from Bosnia lol

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@meena @xenophora @radicalrobit @Ethancdavenport

and it seems that conscription hasn't entirely disappeared from Europe either and has even been /reintroduced/ in some EU countries, and ironically due to the EU's focus on neoliberalism and private enterprise its now *more* likely to be military than assisting the public sector!

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