kwanon, violence 

So a man in Maryland stole a car from an 83 year old and in the processed killed her. After that he proceeded to drive to his brother's home (who was a pharmacist and was helping to administer covid vaccines) and killed his brother and the brother's wife. This is what, the 4th or 5th multi-murder event that was a kwanon follower? Hell I just read an article yesterday about a mother in France who kidnapped her own child because she believed the state was trying to traffick them.

kwanon, violence 

The mother called the police twice weeks before the murders because she was worried about the mental state of her younger son and the danger he might pose to himself and to his older brother. Good to know cops are useless now as they ever were when it comes to imminent endangering of others lives. The one thing that ostensibly they should be allowed to intervene with.

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