lmao musk cultists are at it again. reviewers are rightfully panning the new model S for removing the steering wheel and replacing it with a yoke because it's absolutely garbage for regular driving and having to turn over 180 degrees with it and the fanboys are accusing them of shorting stock

there's a reason the only place you'll find yokes being used in cars is in motorsports like F1 because they only turn about 45 degrees left to right at the very most.

you can tell a bunch of normal people have very normal opinions when they use the stock ticker for a company (TSLA) whenever they talk about the company they worship.

normal folks with normal brains forming normal opinions.

@radicalrobit i am both surprised and not surprised at the fact that it's even legal to manufacture and sell a car with a steering wheel like this

@drybonesofficial it's so bad. a lot of performance car manufacturers like ferrari and others have moved things like the blinker stalks to buttons on the steering wheel so that isn't necessarily a new thing but you'll notice not a single car manufacturer sells a road legal car with anything but a roughly circular steering wheel. wonder why that is? probably because they're incompetent.

@radicalrobit yeah lol definitely just trying to drum up publicity with a "new funky steering wheel that nobody thought of before*!!!!"

*they absolutely thought of it they just knew it'd be a dipshit idea to actually implement

@radicalrobit also I'd point F1 drivers are also extremely skilled at handling extreme racing machines like that. No way do you see a yoke in a rally car that are doing extremely sharp turns

@whiskeysailor yeah you'll never find it for anything that is off road where you can't have extremely highly geared turning ratios. but road cars have steering wheels that can turn over 360 degrees for several reasons and a yoke is about the worst method of doing that you could possibly have.

@radicalrobit yeah, I mean planes have them but the stick isn't even used for control on the ground (they use the rudder which are foot pedals)

@radicalrobit I can practically feel the shitty plastic they'll use for it as well

@radicalrobit it could be stock ticker brain, but it could just be the regular tech brain burning hatred for vowels


oh my god has nobody doing design at that clownass company ever put a single hand at 12:05 o'clock and cruised down the strip while checking out the hotties?

what a fucking colossal admission that it's a car built by losers, for losers.

@radicalrobit love to have to buy an aftermarket steering wheel for my brand new six figure electric automobile

@dvshkn @radicalrobit gonna start spray painting Tesla logos on old Honda steering wheels and selling them online, at least until the lawyers show up.

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