Feel like this should be bigger news that the NFL has basically been using phrenology for 30 years to deny black players settlement money for brain damage.

@Thomas It's good that the NFL is just now putting an end to the practice of *looks closely* what the fucking shit, they're ending what? they've been doing what now for 30 years?

@Thomas @radicalrobit opened this article right before a call and unlocked my phone just a minute ago and got super upset. Wtf

@Thomas @radicalrobit Thomas, I posted about this yesterday on the SPORTS INSTANCE you admin

@ItsJenNotGabby @radicalrobit I swear I read the local every day!!! Except sometimes on weekends...

@radicalrobit it should be national news. Some of the most racist shit I’ve ever seen.

@radicalrobit There was an All Lawyers Are Bastards episode about this. I was utterly shocked that it was a thing. And it’s not just in sports injury settlements.

@Thomas @radicalrobit yeah, like this comes up in all kinds of injury and wrongful death cases. It’s really monstrous.

@radicalrobit I'm not ACTUALLY going to credit ALAB but that was where a lot of us learned about this and were like wtf how is this... allowed

@radicalrobit "The NFL on Wednesday pledged to halt the use of “race-norming” — which assumed Black players started out with lower cognitive function" WHAT THE FUCK

@dankwraith even though this is the same league that shut out a black quarterback for daring to kneel during the national anthem, this is still way more racism than I think I ever expected. Which shows that perhaps as cynical as I am, I'm just a naive dumbass.

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