Google wants to build a "useful" quantum computer by decade's end in order to solve things like world hunger and climate change and lmao fucking hell. We already know exactly how to solve both of those things but no countries with the resources to do either of those things want to actually do them.

Having a functioning quantum computer isn't going to do a fucking thing. fucking tech companies.

The only "useful" Quantum Computer was the one they had in the show DEVS.

@radicalrobit wait did they actually say it's to do those things? because that's hilarious i hope the quantum computer becomes sentient and decides to kill a bunch of millionaires to solve climate change and world hunger

@radicalrobit is there an equivalent of the term gadgetbahn for moral issues

Tired: "just pay people"
Wired: a computer spitting out a piece of paper that says "just pay people [an exact amount per year far over the minimum wage]"

@radicalrobit giving the power of thought to some really expensive rocks so that they can tell us that capitalism is the issue and always has been

@radicalrobit Doesn't take a quantum computer to point out capitalism minimizes efficiency in favor of maximizing resource extraction.

Or they want a quantum computer to dominate the world and to motivate people to work for it, they say it's for the good of everyone
Must be a nightmare

@radicalrobit plus you know they won't *actually* use them for those things, they'll use them to put more eyeballs in front of ads. this "we want to use our quantum computer for Good!" is just an updated version of "Don't Be Evil!" and we all know how long that plan survived contact with capitalism

@radicalrobit proof the people designing the ai are stupid.. greedy, and misguided.. (at the top.) yes, no the google quantum computer isn’t to do either of those things, but thats how they plan to sell it to trogdolites for social acceptance of their new false god. sigh end hunger? plant food.. watch it grow, distribute it.. climate change? thats more complicated, but still not requiring quantum computer

@radicalrobit I think the plan is the quantum computer travels back in time to 1998 and goes Page & Brin huntiing

@radicalrobit not to like murder them or anything, but just to say:

This pagerank algo is pretty great, but consider the second-order and tenth-order consequences: Spammers are gonna want to insert links everywhere. Eventually this leads to an unassailable monopoly. There are more beneficial things you could do.

@joeyh @radicalrobit oh, page & brin. it was 1998 so i thought it was some Crate & Barrel, or Bed Bath & Beyond competitor i hadn’t heard of.

@radicalrobit Surely it will be to solve world hunger and climate change without powerful corporations having to give up their wealth and power.

@radicalrobit breaking tls and reading encrypted traffic is the only real purpose and goal, whether google or governments wanting more of people's data

@radicalrobit it's as always: dudes try to solve problems between humans with technology.

@radicalrobit having a functioning quantum computer would kill all the existing security, because it's simply based on complexity of computations. so I would rather feel scared if I new some coproration had got one.

@radicalrobit Oh it will do something. It will give Larry and Sergei more power. They will “solve” those problems by using their shiny new computer to find and obliterate dissent.

@radicalrobit the urge to build a tool to fix a problem of motivation and resources is 100% typical of tech solutions. I believe it's often because tech folks have trouble imagining a world where these things are lacking, since funding and motivation surround them and their merest whims of a project 24/7.

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