@radicalrobit so like “I’m going to find and piss on Mitch McConnell’s shoes in Minecraft”

@radicalrobit oh my god what is this from. Who had to explain this in a report. What was the memo like

violence; this is a joke 

@radicalrobit time to go kill some cops... in Minecraft

@radicalrobit about to kill the "ender dragon" and "build" an "enderman farm" for quick "experience" and enchant my "netherite tools"

in "minecraft"

@radicalrobit challenging Andrew Cuomo to a duel and lopping his head off, in World of Warcraft

@radicalrobit how does this work?

"I am going to do mega crime,here is a full explanation of my past and future crimes..."
(Remembers the FBI might be listening in)
"... in Minecraft"

@radicalrobit I am gonna dig a mine by hand searching for diamonds and carry several hundred cubic meters of stone around in my pocket "in Minecraft"

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