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This was a link I had on my previous account on rad town and given the importance of the day today, I just realized I forgot to post it here.!Aj62m7WJFAiPnqRTua

This is a link with archival footage about black history and black liberation I found on Twitter years and years and years ago. I have no idea who curated this or if it's still being hosted by the original individual but I made a copy of the entire archive in case the original ever went down. It has books and interviews so use it.

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The new nomenclature for years will be BRE and ARE

Before Radtown Era and After Radtown Era

You ever have a dream and wake up so quickly from it that a sound effect that occurred in the dream feels like it happened in real life?

I woke up last week at like 4am to the sound of a door being kicked open and for a solid minute I thought someone was in my house until I realized the last microsecond of my dream invaded my waking brain.

@dankwraith it was wild to me seeing liberals act like trump's flavors of fascism were new, i was like, were you all asleep in the 2000s or just high on 911 dust

the bush era was so fucking bad i don't know how anyone can have rose tinted glasses about that shit

Someone from the shop walked into the office wearing this shirt. I swear I stared at it for a good minute, trying to confirm that I was looking at what I really was looking at.

Turning coffee into another front of their assinine culture war of who loves fucking their guns more has to be one of the dumbest things American conservatives have ever done.

fucking love how a CEO directly named in a lawsuit by california over utterly deplorable and egregious workplace violations can just put out a press release about how they're leaving the company to "pursue new opportunities"


Can't wait for all the shitlibs lamenting about this news and worrying out loud how now one of the most reliably blue states in the entire country will end up electing a republican governor without cuomo being on the ballot

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me: it's hard to imagine this blizzard shit getting any worse

kotaku: did you know that one of the blizzard executives worked for the Bush administration and pressured the military to do more torture at Abu Ghraib?


it's months too late but thank you Letitia James for giving us the official documentation of what a sex creep cuomo is

@radicalrobit only way this could be better was if it was "bears tore it down"

saw a bumper sticker this morning on the back of a pickup truck that was two m-16s forming an arch and beneath it were the words "proud american infidel"

I knew they made bumper stickers for everything but christ they really make bumper stickers for everything

I don't understand people who take their laptops home if they're coming into work the next day. Like, fuck that, I'm not working on work outside of work. If I don't have enough time during work hours to get things done, well then I guess you need to hire more people, chief.

@radicalrobit Don't Let China Doing Things That Are Good And Help People Distract You From Their Lack of Free Enterprise

op-ed for the washington post

film school seems epic, learning about shit people did experimenting w a new format like "pointing the thing crooked"
or "skeleton on a string"
or "march a bunch of nazis in front of it"

Love What You Do And There’ll Never Be A Day In Your Life Where You Aren’t Doing Free Work For Your Boss On The Margins Of Your Legal Workday

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despite all my rage I am still just a beach that makes you age

I'm gonna get my dinghy slooped clean off my frigate. Hell no I'm not registered to boat.

@checkervest people on Nextdoor really think every possible activity is a front for casing houses. Picking up trash? Casing houses. Canvassing for a political candidate? Casing houses. Walking your dog? Oh you better believe that's casing houses

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