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This was a link I had on my previous account on rad town and given the importance of the day today, I just realized I forgot to post it here.!Aj62m7WJFAiPnqRTua

This is a link with archival footage about black history and black liberation I found on Twitter years and years and years ago. I have no idea who curated this or if it's still being hosted by the original individual but I made a copy of the entire archive in case the original ever went down. It has books and interviews so use it.

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The new nomenclature for years will be BRE and ARE

Before Radtown Era and After Radtown Era

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moving instances feels exactly like moving to a new city

why does this insurrection rioter look like a Mastodon poster lmao (ec) 

I know she posted “piss” on here once

Watching the Blackhawks because they're on, and this retrospective about the 1991 All Star Game has absolutely destroyed me, I am dying

@Taweret cats look so regal and dignified and then they talk like "meep"

haha remember how in rise of skywalker they make a huge deal out of the sith artifact being in the sith language and c3po isn't allowed to speak it so they erase his memory to an earlier save point and then he speaks the sith language and then remembers everyone

written by jj abrams

I think I’d be a good Power Ranger. I’m not a skinny acrobatic martial artist. I’m fat and easily winded but if you think about it being able to drop a dude without doing 15 flips first would be both time and energy efficient so really I’d be helping them out.

I think it was very powerful of Suicide Squad to say, What are we some kind of Suicide Squad halfway through

Not to steal the bit, but Dan Bongino lol

Capitalism has brought us the marvelous innovation of typing into the search bar on your TV using a fucking remote control

I see that 1776 bullshit is basically taking cultural marxism conspiracy theory and making it official opinion of the federal government. very cool and not at all fucking embarrassing.

Honestly 10 dollars a year for Bitwarden premium might actually be too cheap for how good their service is, but also, I'm not going to complain.

fraggles are NOT cute they are a public health issue. i was bitten by a feral fraggle while on holiday in marbella

Mutual Aid Offer 

Hey I have half a "stimulus" check in my PayPal right now and I want to give it to people who need it more than I do.

If you need financial help just reply with a PayPal address (sorry Venmo and Cashapp don't like me right now) and I'll send you something.

Offer good until I'm out of money in my PayPal account.

Feel free to boost?


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