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This was a link I had on my previous account on rad town and given the importance of the day today, I just realized I forgot to post it here.!Aj62m7WJFAiPnqRTua

This is a link with archival footage about black history and black liberation I found on Twitter years and years and years ago. I have no idea who curated this or if it's still being hosted by the original individual but I made a copy of the entire archive in case the original ever went down. It has books and interviews so use it.

one of the most unfounded and wrong political takes I have ever seen 

@radicalrobit ah yeah definitely wouldn't happen in our lifetimes not even once

one of the most unfounded and wrong political takes I have ever seen 

No, this opinion piece was not written September 30th 2020, or 2019, or any year before Jan6. It was written just a few days ago.

i have no idea what i’m doing and you can’t stop me

Star Citizen won't stand for this. Give it enough time, they'll win in the end.

So I finally finished my rewatching Stargate: Atlantis over the weekend and I guess it ended up being a rewatch and also watch for the first time? Because I definitely did not see the last 1.5 seasons when it was showing for the first time on the SciFi channel. Definitely felt like a rushed ending though. They clearly got told near the last minute they were canceled and no you can't have any more funds for a multi-episode finale.

my hopes for Dragon Age Dreadwolf are in the basement

Don't curate my experience. I do not wish to be curated

@radicalrobit one holiday season working retail they sent hundreds of plush terry robes that had a big size sticker on the front, but it was the kind of terrycloth where they cut the loops on one side to give it a velvet texture, so if you removed the sticker it pulled out every loop behind it leaving a huge bald patch

One of my greatest aspects of personal growth is no longer hate watching a show to completion because I already started. Sunk cost fallacy? More like fuck off this show stinkallacy.

@radicalrobit I do this with Petco (or did before the amount I was saving became just about nothing) and Repeat Delivery. Signed up for Repeat Delivery, which knocked $20 off the price of what I was ordering, waited a week, canceled Repeat Delivery, repeat the next month.

ASRock having to issue full refunds for customers who bought their new motherboards because they put a full length sticker over the memory slots that tears and falls into the DIMM tracing is an extremely funny unforced error.

I actually have an autograph somewhere of Richard Martin. I was at the UB lunch hall on campus one day and I noticed a signing booth set up but almost nobody was around it. So I wandered over and noticed it was a member of The French Connection signing autographs for free.

I guess almost nobody my age has even heard of them unless you're a big Sabres fan so I managed to easily score a photo and signature.

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Only thing I know about The French Connection is that it served as the nickname for the first offensive line of the Buffalo Sabres in the 70's. It consisted of three Quebecois that combined ended up being the most prolific offensive line in Buffalo's history.


@Thomas "The main characters of my stories all fuck their siblings. It's just historically accurate. Why are you leaving?"

Did a similar thing when I built my computer. By sheer coincidence they offered me a month free trial right as I was picking out components. So I ended up taking the free trial, ordered about half my parts from Amazon and the other half from Newegg. Then canceled the free trial as soon as they were delivered.

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The cool thing about not paying for regular Amazon Prime (besides not giving them more money) is that they constantly try to reel you back in with free or reduced prices. Something I just ordered would have cost 6 bucks for shipping or 2 dollars for a week of Prime. So paid for Prime, bought it, canceled it.

And before anyone chastises me, the company uses Amazon as their storefront.

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