Stealing this one, shamelessly, from the hellsite:

Imagine you're the closer for a major league baseball team, and you get to have a full-on entrance from the bullpen.

What's your walk-up song?

Mine's "Bury the Body and Tell No One," from the Blowback Season 2 soundtrack:

Seeing some faves, but not seeing a whole lot of your answers!

My other backup is Rammstein’s “Sonne,” because it implies you’ll get the inning done in ten pitches—but even though Rammstein is by all accounts a notoriously left-wing band, if Americans hear you walk out to German they’ll assume you’re a Nazi, and not the “SWAT cop with Fraktur tattoos” they’re mostly fine with.

@nsmckinnon around the bases and then to the mound, finishing my entrance by throwing a shuriken into the dirt to mark the mound as mine

@nsmckinnon i would be mediocre but still a fan favorite due to my showmanship

@nsmckinnon right? I was afraid they'd censor the second line, the same way I'm afraid the COWARDS of the MLB would censor it

@nsmckinnon I'd use Center Field by John Fogerty, because that song is corny as fuck and I love the idea of being absolutely brutal with an ironically upbeat soundtrack

@tessaracked Have you seen the absolutely preposterous guitar he uses to play it? Why was that legal?

@tessaracked Standing in the Baseball Hall of Fame, pointing at the guitar, yelling “MODS?!”

@derek Thank God I listened to this before asking you if you were going to do a jig all the way to the mound.

@bright_helpings I think for pitchers you have to go with weird choices. I mean, I seriously thought about this one.

But now I’m thinking of a fireman reliever coming in to the tune of the theme from Apollo 13.

@nsmckinnon That is fabulous. :)

Pitchers yes, and closers especially. You just get to be as weird as you want because you have this arcane job and you have to do it perfectly. So I think you can get away with more because they need you. :)

@bright_helpings Absolutely. I’m an armbarner by nature, but more like the middle reliever who throws two innings because the starter’s elbow got tight or to save the rest of the bullpen for a more important game, so the theme’s all I get to stand apart.

That song used to be in regular rotation on my exercise playlist, because it spiked my heart rate like few others have.

@neoncoughh hell yeah, long enough intro to make it all the way to the mound, good buildup


I put a lot of thought into this.

It's gotta be the right tempo to get a good strut going; a song to which the crowd can sing along, but a new and different enough take to be novel to most of them; and obviously, there's gotta be horns.

Also "Come and get your love!" would be a pretty badass catchphrase for a cocky closer with the skills to back it up.

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