Uh I am kinda excited to (hopefully) ditch WordPress. I've used it on and off since 2005. It's time.


@greyor What are you going to? I currently run the site I’m doing off WordPress but would be super open to alternatives.

@nsmckinnon Not 100% decided but I am liking the looks of Hugo. I run YunoHost on my server and found a nice guide for installation: blog.arkadi.one/p/how-to-use-h

I don't know Markdown that well, but can learn; Hugo seems very elegant and lightweight. WP just seems like too much and I feel like I've been fighting with it. I'd like to be able to write my posts easily in Emacs. 🤓

@greyor I mean not all Emacs users are Org users and ox-hugo has quirks of its own to deal with etc., but I just find managing all posts from a single file much easier lol.

@kaushalmodi the maintainer has been summoned, everyone hide! :blobsweats: I think what I'm talking about is mostly from older versions, like summary, showToc, and TocOpen going into Hugo custom front matter in the drawer? I've seen update notes about some or all of this changing in the new versions, but I've been too busy being lazy to bring myself up to date :P



showtoc and tocopen parameters seem to be custom to your theme. So they would still go in HUGO_CUSTOM_FRONT_MATTER.

About summary, I have a page in the doc site on how to export that.

If you get to updating Hugo and ox-hugo to the latest versions, feel free to start a discussion (repo has a new Discussions section) showing an Org snippet of how you set all the front matter , and I may be able to provide some feedback.



@ljwrites @greyor

Oh! And recently I started generating the changelog using the git log (and ever since, I am more disciplined in formatting my commit messages). So skimming through this may help you quickly discover the key breakages and new features: ox-hugo.scripter.co/doc/change

And of course, the latest ox-hugo will have a lot fewer bugs if you haven't updated it in a while 😁

@kaushalmodi Sounds good, I'll be sure to keep it in mind! I have actually *shameful whisper* never updated an Emacs package lmao. I'm kind of terrified it'll break my rickety pile of configurations! This looks like a good place to start as any though.


@kaushalmodi hey thanks for chiming in! If I ever learn Org I will have to look into using your script! I appreciate your input for sure. @ljwrites


Ah! Sorry for all the noise with all these Org related posts then!

On the topic of learning #orgMode, you can easily reach the /proficiency/ of Markdown in Org in a few minutes to an hour.

But once you are in that world (especially if you are an #Emacs user) .. oh.. the possibilities are endless!!

Good luck with you move to #Hugo either way. If you ever get stuck in that nice, we have incredible folks helping out people on discourse.gohugo.io/ .

@kaushalmodi not noise at all! I would like to learn for sure!

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

@ljwrites lol no but I love this. I haven't learned Org yet, so I'll probably tackle Markdown first. I like the idea though.

I love how our nerdiness intersects 😁🤓

@greyor No mufo who uses either Hugo or Emacs can escape the gravitational pull of my nerdery

Both? You're doomed

@greyor @ljwrites

for basics, both markdown and org-mode are pretty straight-forward. (org-mode of course has lots of possible additional things you can do.)

- markdown - markdownguide.org/basic-syntax
- org-mode - gitlab.com/publicvoit/orgdown/

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