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12 hours until some absolute dorks stream themselves answering trivia questions—for your viewing pleasure AND to help Just the Pill / Abortion Delivered provide abortion care to the people who most need it, where it’s most needed.

We’ve got somewhere around $1,400 raised for a score of 70% right now. Think we can make that $1,500 by tonight?

Pledge at:

Watch at:

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Hi! I’m Noah. He/him, in my 30s, live in Western New York, and teach for a living, which is a large portion of what I post here. Very, very lefty, in handedness and politics.

I also put up food pics, when they’re good enough, and pics of Clark and Minerva, which are attached. And I guess I’ll talk more about movies now!

Oh, and if you’re a sicko, I run a fictional baseball league set in a 🇵🇷 that became free in 1868. I call games every week. It whips. Catch that at @lnpgaceta.

I am getting so immensely tired of weekends after which I come back to work exactly as tired as I was before.

The little I get in extra sleep gets completely eviscerated by how little time I get to actually do anything other than chores, even on the quietest weekend, and every single time I end up on Sunday night with a bunch of things that I was supposed to take care of still on the list. But it’s me, so who cares?

Humble. Classic. Understated.

This week's discussion between @nsmckinnon and @Louisa is all about the grilled (or is it griddled?) cheese, and how it seems to make people mad in all sorts of ways.

Including one of your hosts. We'll let you guess which one.

Available wherever good podcasts are caught:

Vincent Price wastes absolutely no time proving he’s still a madman in this Columbo by calling it a “rollie-coaster.”

ph (🫥) 

I feel a lot better today, and I think it’s for once a corner turned.

But also it’s pretty obvious that I’ve run myself so ragged my brain is more or less nonfunctional. It’s not brain fog, exactly, but I’m back to word troubles, back to forgetting things immediately, etc. I have once again paid pretty dearly to not pick up a ton of pieces when I go back to work. I’m getting tired of it.

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Another of my favorite parts of working for a private school is that these are mostly rich white kids whose parents pay $15,000 per year, despite often living in some extremely well-heeled school districts, and complain about that cost constantly . . . and then they’re never in school because travel hockey is more important.

@bright_helpings That’s the :lnp: promise: you’re going to be awake during our games, regardless of whether you want to be.

ph (😢), weight loss 

My arm hasn’t stopped hurting since Tuesday, but doesn’t seem to be infected. I’m tired as hell due to my usual sleep deprivation, which is making me extremely emotional. I dropped a pound of what I’m fairly certain is water weight.

90% of me feels normal. The other 10% is some kind of pain. Not enough to miss any more work, but enough to make being here very annoying indeed.

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it's my birthday, give me some boops 😈

I’m all for pedestrians’ rights, but I have to admit I’m still a little bit leery of this new trend of them walking directly into oncoming traffic.

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[Uptown Girl voice]
🎶 feel like shit
if I feel better it’s by just one bit
every bone in my body hurts
and my stomach is about to burst 🎶

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I run an online magazine for my workplace and I told my students I expected about ~700 words for each article.

Two kids who were very, very much in that room, heard me say that, and I told them separately later about it, turned in 700 words between the two of them.

At least if they were adults no one would dispute I have a point in being annoyed.


theology teacher I’ve been semi-into for years told me “you need to go home, you look awful” so I’m gonna jump out the window* real quick

* it’s a first-floor window, at worst I’ll roll my ankle

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so I know I shouldn’t have left a folder full of quizzes here at the front desk when I left on Monday, but I hardly think it’s a fitting punishment to stick them all under a fucking plant so they get drenched

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- still sweating uncontrollably
- no longer headachy
- right arm hurts like hell (I suspect it’s been doing that the whole time but the fever covered it up)

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- still at 100.9 deg F
- constant headache lessened by Tylenol
- still only feel fully normal lying down in bed
- can eat without barfing, which is different from other tough boosters
- if I wake up like this tomorrow I can’t go in then either

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Every day Lwaxana slurps out of her bed like this

We didn't teach this to her

She's just like this

my cat 🤝 1970s baseball players

inhaling greenies

tired: bivalent

wired: bivalvent, in that the booster fucked me up so good I’m wrapped up like a clam

is this anything

work (~) 

Got boosted + flu shot yesterday, and if I could get to the building walking with this headache I could probably teach—but putting me behind a wheel right now is likely irresponsible, so we’re sicking out.

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