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12 hours until some absolute dorks stream themselves answering trivia questions—for your viewing pleasure AND to help Just the Pill / Abortion Delivered provide abortion care to the people who most need it, where it’s most needed.

We’ve got somewhere around $1,400 raised for a score of 70% right now. Think we can make that $1,500 by tonight?

Pledge at:

Watch at:

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Hi! I’m Noah. He/him, in my 30s, live in Western New York, and teach for a living, which is a large portion of what I post here. Very, very lefty, in handedness and politics.

I also put up food pics, when they’re good enough, and pics of Clark and Minerva, which are attached. And I guess I’ll talk more about movies now!

Oh, and if you’re a sicko, I run a fictional baseball league set in a 🇵🇷 that became free in 1868. I call games every week. It whips. Catch that at @lnpgaceta.

I see someone spent a *lot* of time with Bloodborne before writing the new Doctor Strange.

Since one half of the :lnp: booth didn't even make it back into town until an hour ago, we are pushing tonight's #BucanerosARR :bucaneros: at #MulosAGB :mulos: game to tomorrow, 2:05 PM.

It'll still be exciting as hell, because they're currently the two best teams in Liga Betances. See you then!

What can I do? So many things 

So if you're thinking "what can I possibly do right now", good news, there are answers:
1) When you earn those dollars, send some of them over to who will get them to the places they need to go.
2) Check in with your local clinic which has, or may no longer support, reproductive services and ask what the heck they need. Type in "local women's health clinic" into Duckduckgo or similar search engine to find it.
3) Tell your congresscritter what's up
4) Most important, meet up with other folks in your area interested in providing services to clinics across the country. It may be hard in your area so check in with your local DSA or Food Not Bombs group and ask who's organizing help in your area.
You have actionable things you can do! It takes time and it's always hard to start new projects, but you can do it!

the one thing I'm going to say about the Supreme Court, because I don't feel like getting arrested 

Let that be the end of any lefty cred American Jesuits have. Georgetown Prep, all by itself, owns a third of that decision.

I just boosted @nsmckinnon 's picture of baseball last night, I didn't take one of us because I'm a big ol idiot

Here's what I did take pictures of:

A hot dog and some pork mascots

selfie, ec 

Remember how @Louisa makes great company for a baseball game?

We’ve seen more runs scored this game than the last time we were here.

It’s the second inning.

In the Heart of the Sea remake, but with William H. Macy in the Hemsworth role, when?

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Holy shit, would I pay good money to see William H. Macy play a hardened Nantucket whaler.

Not only is the :lnp: shop having a summer sale, but our master artist, @Louisa, has her own store now for non-baseball-related designs!

Check out her new digs and get your bird linocut and sexy shark (you read that right) doodle shirts at:

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There's going to be a lot of LNP posting today, but we have to start somewhere, and that is—

SUMMER SALE! $14 regular tees and up to 30% off everything else at the Tiendita! If there's a design you've been waiting on, now's the time to grab it.

After Édgar Idrogo's last two seasons in Cayey started with truly terrible Aprils, he appears to have regained form with the #PeregrinosHOR :peregrinos:—his *second start* in black, pink and navy is a 3-hit shutout, no walks, 6 K, in 117 pitches, cutting his ERA to 0.50. Fantastic work.

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The #ChupacabrasCAN :chupacabras: beat the #JueyerosMAU :jueyeros: in 6-3 fashion, thanks to a 4-run 8th that gave Francisco Cervantes, formerly of the #TaínosGUR :tainos:, an easy 9th for his first proper win in Canóvanas.

Gabo Torres: 7 IP, 5 H, 3 R / 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 114 pitches. 1.12 ERA.

Wally "The Human Ripcord" Balk (3B, #JueyerosMAU :jueyeros:) fans know he struggled to a 92 and 89 wRC+ in each of the preceding two seasons despite his defensive prowess, but they knew the potential was always there.

Want to see (or hear) Dro and @Louisa as they get to see it in person?

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That #TortugasCUL :tortugas: vs. #CaridurosFAJ :cariduros: game was also the 2nd game for Rob "The Grackle" Feaster, aka "Feaster the Nor'easter. Boy, did he justify that on the bases.

Also, Amado Peña threw an 88-pitch Maddux. A masterclass from the March 26th trade acquisition, and you can watch or listen to Dro and @Louisa call that game here:

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The #ChupacabrasCAN :chupacabras: had a great first game against the #CotorrasRGE :cotorras:, too.

Gabo Torres, who went down before the 1887 playoffs, came back with a 9 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 4 K line that his offense more than backed up.

Watch (or listen) to Dro and @Louisa talk about it here:

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