Just realized I've quoted stuff from The Land Before Time so much this week, what's going on there

do you ever think about the scene where Old Rooter tells Littlefoot it's nobody's fault that his mother died and have to sit down and weep, or are you normal


@checkervest I love Don Bluth movies but I do sometimes think they shouldn't be shown to children

@neoncoughh god I saw All Dogs Go to Heaven in the theaters as a very small child and I am still scarred by the scene where the dog goes to hell, was Don Bluth okay

@checkervest @neoncoughh An American Tail was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid but I had to go upstairs and hide for the opening scene, where Cossacks set their village on fire

@Pixley @checkervest mine was The Secret of NIMH and it was the parts with the Great Owl that scared the shit out of me

@checkervest @Pixley @neoncoughh I have affection for Bluth but I don’t think he ever made a… “good movie,” per se

@Pixley @alex @checkervest @neoncoughh also Seriously Alex Anastasia is a masterpiece what are you on about

@neoncoughh @checkervest @Pixley @alex idk theyre both rich and mormon I dont think its that surprising

@alex @checkervest @Pixley I get what you're saying here, even if I don't necessarily agree

@checkervest @derek @neoncoughh @Pixley Ok upon review he has made two good movies, possibly three, and 7 full stinkers

@checkervest oh you mean the movie where they exploit an orphan to raise money for a casino?!

@neoncoughh did you ever see Rock A Doodle Doo, a kid's movie about Elvis losing faith in himself because of emotional abuse by his manager

@checkervest yes I DID my sister and I loved that one, we used to beg our babysitter to let us watch it, I can still hear that cat wailing "help us, Chanticleer!"

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