"Because of the dramatic increase in serial costs there will be very little money for monographs this year" - 1987

More exciting archives thing from 1988 -- there was apparently a rumor circulating on campus that the ground under the building I AM CURRENTLY IN cannot support the weight of THE BUILDING I AM CURRENTLY IN.

Fortunately, this rumor was unsubstantiated & also false!

did they just veto a planned event on "The Research Library in 2020" to be held in 1990? DANG. I would've scanned the HECK out of that.

"reciprocal access to CIC OPACs via INTERNET" - I'm gonna scream-laugh. I love it.

(INTERNET meaning "interconnected networks" and being used as a term for that, which I've never actually experienced)

1972: What if everyone handwrote their evaluations of their supervisors into these IBM data-entry forms and then we input them and computer-generated reports?

finding some old "why don't we hire 'food police'" conversations and some of it is like "well... if we had that kind of money we would fill OTHER, more important staff positions"

"Mel B. asked that staff members contribute cookies for the [libraries] award ceremony; he needs 130 dozen."

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