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I'm Sarah! I was neoncoughh @ .social for a long time, but moved to LP for a different Mastodon experience. I mostly post about loud guitar music, movies, NBA basketball, Illinois politics (I'm sorry to say), and ~my feelings~. Just be nice, okay?

PS: If you want to gush about either the way James Iha's guitar sounds or anything about Twin Peaks: The know where to find me. :specialinterest:

music +++++++++++++++++ 

This new Björk album is so so so so sososososososoooooooo good ❤️

movie +++++++++++++++++ 

How am I supposed to watch anything else now that I've seen Wings of Desire?

What a movie. What a feeling!

live music +++++++++++++++, earnest 

Also, man, no one hits the drums as hard as Jarrod Alexander, holy fuckin' shit!

ALSO ALSO "The Foundations of Decay" **RIPS** live

OH AND the crowd went NUTS for every single guitar solo, this will sustain me infinitely whenever I hear some dipshit say "no one likes guitar solos"

LOVE a band that's been playing together a billion years and SOUNDS LIKE IT -- tight tight tight the whole way through

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live music +++++++++++++++, earnest 

My Chemical Romance was so good last night that I am crying a little this morning thinking about it. It is a very powerful thing to be in an enormous crowd full of queers, being lead in campy lyrical delights by a fellow queer (who was dressed in a way I can only describe as "late-period Judy Garland"), all of our voices absolutely overpowering the sound of the band. They even played the two songs I really wanted to hear! Just an incredible experience ❤️

I'm dismissing you all from work and/or class and/or chores so you can watch Seconds (and so I can watch all of these I haven't seen)

My mind is still processing the sheer intensity and glory of last night’s Rammstein concert 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Placebo postponed their North American tour dates, which means I won't see them at Riot Fest in two weeks, and I am BIG SAD. I was so excited to finally see Brian and Stefan :(

movies, abuser 

I think it sucks major ass Coppola cast Shia LaBeouf in his Megapolis movie!



music +++++++++ 

Having one of those days where I'm pretty sure Remain in Light is the greatest album ever made

Cage Match :pitfall: 

It's me, the person who thought Raising Arizona was just okay (he's very good in it though)

extremely specific work whine 

Of all the journal databases, ProQuest is the worst in terms of user experience, it isn't even close 😑

Not just where I live -- all buildings everywhere 😍

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I simply think buildings more than 75 years old should have little informational signs attached to them so I can quickly know when they were built and who designed them (and what the original materials were if the building's been modified)

Lee Pace 

Hm maybe I should watch Halt and Catch Fire

Read the headline "A majority of Americans see an 'invasion' at the southern border" and immediately started hearing Propagandhi lyrics in my head

when the flames engulfed the home of the brave, the stampede toward the border was in vain; faces palmed, faces paled as the wall they said would make them great could not be scaled

movie +++++++++++++ 

God that first 5 minutes and 25 seconds of The Social Network still hits so GOOD, a perfect scene in a perfect-from-top-to-bottom movie

"Well, why don't you just concentrate on being the best you you can be." "Did you really just say that?" "I was kidding. Although, just because something's trite doesn't make it any less true."

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