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If you want to know what my singing voice sounds like, here ya go. If you enjoy pop-punk from the early 2000s, I’m your guy.

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my tattoo sleeve, upper arm detail 

GHOST/SMILEY: combination of Nintendo/Mario Boo and blink-182 logo

Rabbit/magician: Magic, imagination, suspension of belief. Lyrics are from Gerard Way song “How It’s Going To Be”

Wood-etch clouds/elements: inspired by old tarot cards

Delorian: homage to Back to the Future, one of my favorite movies of all time

Angels: Jesus Christ Superstar album logo, with lyrics from the musical

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my tattoo sleeve, forearm detail 

GSH/STRIPES: Chicago Bears jersey homage

ANTIQUE MOON/STARS: moon is me, the 4 stars are for my brother/sister/parents, lyrics are from Angels & Airwaves song “Do It For Me Now”

SPACEMAN: homage to love for space and isolation, lyrics are from Angels & Airwaves song “The Adventure”

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These are our rescue pups Digby (gray and white shih tzu) and Sherman (black and white chin). They are my favorites. They’re my kids, basically.

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Andy here.

I dabble in all kinds of stuff: Graphic design, digital painting, writing poetry/prose, blogging, history, & tech happenings. Happy husband to my awesome wife, dad to two tiny dogs, occasional podcaster, casual musician.

Movie snob & lover of bizarre internet shit. 18+ just in case.

Ally to any flag that endorses bodily & emotional freedom/agency.




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Illness update: wife is now feeling sick. I’m “better,” but only just. Hopefully tomorrow morning brings positive feels. This is the worst.

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It's too bad reddit wasted the Flying Spaghetti Monster on 2006 when it would have had maximum cultural impact right now, damn. Should have kept your powder dry.

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If we increase the number of Supreme Court seats to match the population of the United States, we can legislate the existence of ghosts. Bigfoot has some lobbying to do, though.

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If you make something, let me know. What are your arts, your crafts, etc. Things that you do or build or act or play or what have you. Reply to this post with the things that you do

Illness update 

Mostly the same. Clinical strength ibuprofen has helped a bit, but if I cough my head feels like a balloon that’s about to pop. It’s blinding. My fever dreams have been nightmares, my body temp is chaos, and all I can do is chug epic amounts of water laced with vitamin c and lay down.

0/10, wouldn’t recommend

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Morning update: still quite sick, though my fever has gone down. Body temperature perception is quite cold, so I’m in a big fluffy Comfy that looks like Big Bird.

Laying on the couch with a throbbing headache and chills, thickly fondly of my awesome wife for taking care of me. 💟

Being sick sucks. I feel like a mushy pile of rotten fruit. Hope you’re all awesome today.

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[looking at a bug] you are just like the hollow knight

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I feel terrible this morning. Sore throat, cough, chest pain.

Home is great, but I feel awful. Coughing, wheezing, dizzy. Wife is also icky. Covid tests negative, so I guess just big allergen shift followed by a HUGE thunderstorm.

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Meds reminder 

I forgot my meds this morning and gotta wait until tonight to take 'em, I feel low.

Don't forget yours, fedifriends!

Hey kids. We’re finally heading home this morning after breakfast. I miss our puppies and the normal vibes of being home terribly. Stay weird, Fedi-peeps.

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