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Andy here; here’s me:

- cis man, married to an awesome lady

- IT pro pushing 40 in Illinois

- movie snob, podcaster, digital artist

- lover of strange & bizarre shit, 18+ please, lewd good, flirts bad; weird good, gore bad

- ally to all genders, orientations, races

- far-right/republicans/nazis fuck off

- dad to tiny dogs, no kids ever

- big sports fan but won’t really post about it

- play games daily on XB, PC, Switch, inquiries welcome, will probably bore you

- see profile for links

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Well, this took way too much thought. Here's my Kin Onion. Although, as others have said, I'd like my friends/family to make one for me to see just what I'm really constructed around.

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I made a 1920x1080 wallpaper for all my peoples at You all rock.

TMI, "why did you post this?" material, will probably delete later? 

I don't know what it is, but in my offices, usually once an afternoon, I have to pee, and my god, it is a powerful and utterly strong stream. Like I don't normally notice this, but I was taking a leak again today and I felt like I could leave chips and cracks in the urinal porcelain. Maybe it's the coffee and the giant thing of water I nurse throughout the day, but I need a MPH type thing to gauge what a champion pisser I am.

Do you @ me, sir?

"I do @."

Do you @ ME, sir?

"[aside] Are the mods of our side if I say aye?"


"I do @, but not @ thee, sir."

The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

Final thoughts:

It sounds like there WILL be a season two, so yahoo!

The Corinthian was also fucking awesome. Such a great portrayal by Boyd Holbrook, who stole the show whenever he was on-screen. My wife will 100% want to fuck Boyd Holbrook after watching this, I have no doubt. Which I'm fine with so long as he wears sunglasses.

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The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

Sandman is not a Marvel comics type thing to market at all, and it took this long to adapt it because it's such a layered, beautiful piece of art that requires extensive CG to even attempt such an endeavor. The lack of word of mouth buzz and likely expensive CG required is probably what would make this a tall order for Netflix to order a second season, but kudos to them for doing so well with season 1. Fingers are crossed for more.


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The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

Sturridge has the right build, voice, and face for the role, but I want them to really explore Dream's tendrils throughout history. They hinted at it when he visited Hell, as well as with the Hobb episode (which was great), but there's so much more to this that I hope isn't left in the comics.

Anyway, I was a pretty big fan of this initial season, but I'm worried it'll be a one-off since I don't hear much feedback online, which is a shame. (cont.)

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The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

The key thing I didn't like about how Dream was portrayed was how little presence the show gave him. In the GN, his eyes are galaxies and stars. He is cloaked in night and darkness. In the show he wears a black coat and his eyes, with a few exceptions during the entrapment episodes, were just kinda normal human eyes.

Morpheus is, at his core, a brooding, dour lord, who we do see change in the GN, but in the show, he's far too contemplative.


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The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

I am unreasonably excited for how they'll handle Delirium, and I hope they reveal more about when she (they?) was Delight. Destruction & Destiny could be interesting, but I would imagine the show wouldn't get to them much at all beyond one episode of "family" gathering.

I guess ultimately I need to get to Dream, and Tom Sturridge's performance. I mostly liked it. The parts I didn't like were not of his doing, and I'll elaborate in the next toot. (cont.)

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The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

Despair in the GN is a naked, grey, hideous orc-like being that constantly rakes her own flesh with those finger hooks, whereas in the show they made her into a cat lady, toning down what she embodies, which is a shame, but it's not a hill anyone needs to die on.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste's portrayal of Death was very well done. She looks quite a bit like Gaiman's Death and did well enough with her limited scenes to demonstrate who and what she is. (cont.)

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The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

Death and Desire were both exceptionally cast and portrayed. Desire especially is phenomenal. Mason Alexander Park *is* Desire. I wasn't as impressed with Gwendoline Christie's turn as Lucifer. She doesn't have the range or talent to embody such an ancient and complicated entity, and their adaptation of Lucifer in the graphic novel felt a little simplifying. A pity. Donna Preston's Despair also felt like a cop out, but I get why they did that. (cont.)

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The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

There were a few very important things this show had to get right to appease the Sandman fan in myself:

1. Casting
2. The diner scene
3. 100 Year visits with Hobb

Thankfully the show nailed all of these. I had no issues while watching, even Patton Oswalt, who some have said was distracting, I thought did commendably as Matthew the raven. I'm excited to see what the Endless do if there is a season two. I'll keep an eye out for who is chosen. (cont.)

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The Sandman S1 thoughts, full spoilers 

Just finished the season and have a lot to weigh in on.

As the season went on, I felt like the show kind of got away from the core, focusing more on wrapping up Rose's story, which makes sense. Morpheus is occasionally a supporting character in the source material, but there was a lot left on the table for him and the fellow endless to pursue, hopefully in future seasons. They barely scratched the surface on Dream's travels & experiences. Big gamble.

Selfie, EC 

Hurr is getting longer. Gonna have to bust out the hair bands out soon.

predator (1987) 

Love to meet my close friend and arm wrestle him a little and joke that he’s lost his edge, while I am wearing a polo shirt and khakis

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Going home to eat cereal and hang out with my family in air conditioning.

USER: I clicked on this thing.

ME: OK, you should be able to open it with another click that would let me see your screen.

USER: It's not working.

ME: OK, let's try with this other remote client.

USER: That's not working either.

ME: You live nearby, right?

USER: Yes.

ME: Can you drive the, like, 3 miles to come to the office so I can fix this for your dumb ass?


All I'm saying is that if The Thing doesn't win this I cannot be held responsible for my actions

Holy shit, I love how they cast Desire in The Sandman series. Excellent.

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