Probably my favorite movie of 2017. But, is this even true? I know about the opaque contacts thing, but this is a lie, right?

Watching 笑ってはいけない, a New Years only show where 5 comedians compete to not laugh and are punished (usually by spanking) when they laugh. This years theme is 大貧民.

Here is the top secret game we are working on, I may have to delete this! It is super top level secret. It is currently called Kred, pieces aren't made yet, though. It's really good. Hope to share it with everyone someday.

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Couldn’t really capture it adequately, but this moon and star the other day, tho

Should I get naked wearing only a white cloth and “purify” my body by splashing cold water on my body at midnight on New Years? (Mask required)

Actually dug Ted Lasso, guess I'm a basic bitch--b/c it's basically just dude fiction. It def doesn't pass the Bechdel test. Why Ted and his wife just try a polyamorous relationship? (Is there any representation of this on TV besides, like, Big Love, or something?) Or, I guess that's not really an option in Kansas, eh? Anyway

Just looked up the spelling of Bechdel cause' I haven't used it in a long time, and stumbled across the origin cartoon which I ALSO hadn't seen in awhile:

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