Actually dug Ted Lasso, guess I'm a basic bitch--b/c it's basically just dude fiction. It def doesn't pass the Bechdel test. Why Ted and his wife just try a polyamorous relationship? (Is there any representation of this on TV besides, like, Big Love, or something?) Or, I guess that's not really an option in Kansas, eh? Anyway

Just looked up the spelling of Bechdel cause' I haven't used it in a long time, and stumbled across the origin cartoon which I ALSO hadn't seen in awhile:

Some friends have this thing where they make fake criterion collection movie covers for movies that will never be criterion. I tried to participate in a prescient and appropriate fashion, but the movie I picked was already a Criterion movie. So, how'd I do though

Long day, Samu’s sleeping soundly with Juice, I’ll think a brewskie and a shower’ll do the trick

Also enjoyed "The American Scream"

Film really makes you wonder what these folks are doing during the pandemic...

Enjoying festive horror films, recently dug the Theater of the Absurdish Jarmuschian Zombie masterpiece Dead Don't Die

Oh come on, who wouldn't love that face!? 


I watched! From 5k feet up, but was too cheap to pay for the inflight wifi. Wish I could have participated in the discussion, but I was there in spirit! Pic proof:


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