Easily one of the most beautiful films I've seen in a long time. The shots are just so full, the detail is so rich it looks poured in. God some of those shots just look impossible. It's the first film in a long time where I asked myself again and again "how and the HELL did they do that!?" Wow.

Well fuuuuuck me I'm glad we didn't watch this a month and a half ago. Fucking hell man

So I've got a one month old baby now. But we're bout' to watch Roma thanks to the magic of breast milk and Baby Bjorn teamwork. 👶 🎥 ✌️

@mudl this movie's alright. Been awhile since I seen an episode of the X-Files, thankfully they got rid of that sex offender co-star, but I miss Gillian Anderson.

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Police, Bulk Surveillance 

Police doing facial scanning of Christmas shoppers from an unmarked van in Leicester square, London. The thing on the tripod is probably a radio antenna and the front black sensor looks like a depth camera with pattern projectors.

I notice the van is jacked up, and I expect that's because if you have the engine running that would otherwise start oscillations in the scan which might make it hard to obtain small 3D structure of faces.

Three movies in one day!? Life is good.

Saving "One shot of the dead" (カメラを止めるな) to watch with my bad-ass partner Juice. So I guess I'll watch

At First Light

Man this would be so easy to pitch. "Groundhogs day, but a horror movie instead of a romance."

Except we don't get to see the day before, but it's pretty clear that's not needed here.

Man this montage is great. Alright no more live toots. Lol

Groundhogs day, probably my favorite movie (also the favorite movie of many a zen Buddhist master), is a heavy influence on this movie, which is why I'm so hyped.

I just wonder how you write this movie. If you know so many things have to be repeated and you know a movie length you have to plan for how much for the initial day. I wonder how much time that is. Man I love this I hope it becomes a more common trope, the same day thing.

Gonna have to find more "reliving the same day" movies.

(Happy Death Say) This movie is so dope. I'm already trying to solve the mystery and there are so many clues and red herrings. Man Blumhouse the the best thing to happen to movies in forever.

🎥 movie time! :goldblumdaddy:
Tonight's flick (number 2):
Happy Death Day

So hyped about this one

Venom spoliers 

By kitsch emo thing I of course was talking about Sam Rami's flick.

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Venom spoliers 

The credits Eminem song is hilarious.

The Aesop Rock or Run The Jewels song is great, though.

Woody Harrelson casting as carnage, pretty awesome.

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Venom spoliers 

Pretty awesome rendition of the story that got the whole Venom character right, finally. I mean, I like the kitsch emo thing too, honestly. It just doesn't capture the big mood that is testosterone as well. If you can't capture Todd McFarlane's hyper-masculine hyper-sexualized illustration, you don't get the entire symbiote storyline. I mean he's famous for making spider-man's webbing look like cum, more-or-less. My 10-12 year old self would finally be satisfied.

Back for a bit!

Recently watched:

Destination Wedding (WHY!? I don’t know. It was like a B Woody Allen movie, which is really weird that anyone would want to replicate home given his reputation, plus Keanu and Winona? Weird man.)

Junun (Like half of the artists involved seemed like they felt really out of place and alienated. Lovely weird documentary, beautiful sounds.)

Home Alone (“keep the change you filthy animal” -a family focused capitalist epic)

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