Jeff Vandermeer made up a fake freshwater squid in a book and people believed it really existed and now he feels bad


I just realized that my whole life has aspired towards this level of whee.

@SeanAloysiusOBrien the mayfly squid!!!! "Hey BBC here can we interview you since you're an expert"

@moviewitch don't go screwing around with people's heads with your
:wide_f: :wide_a: :wide_k: :wide_e: :wide_s: :wide_q: :wide_u: :wide_i: :wide_d:

@moviewitch i just got around to reading and, thank you so, so much for sharing this

@saladeredux isn't it great??? That reporter asking him for an interview!!

@moviewitch from the freaking BBC. also @ all the people who called him to say that they’d spotted the freshwater squid nearby... what did they ACTUALLY see????

@saladeredux that guy who's like "i know my eyes did not deceive me" what is going on there!!!

@moviewitch see this guy acts all innocent and incredulous but then he does shit like this. i love it

@saladeredux we longtime fans of his work know that Jeff is a rascal

@moviewitch "Do your creative work about something you are truly passionate about and enjoy" is not just advice about keeping up your motivation, it is a premonition and a threat.

@moviewitch He says ... He says ... "Fantastic Metropolis eventually folded, and the black hole of the electronic world one day devoured its GoDaddy hosting account and all mention of freshwater squid vanished from those coordinates."

But ... this exists:

> Ironically, I never received any ambergris in the mail.

That would be a fun day for any drug-sniffing dog coming across that package along the way. Although I guess the same would be true for the dried squid

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