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Fuck everything I'm going to learn how to bake. No one can hurt me if I have apple pie

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Jeff Vandermeer made up a fake freshwater squid in a book and people believed it really existed and now he feels bad

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- I'm ace so please don't talk to me about anything sexual. Don't be lewd in my mentions
- I'm trans so don't call me anything like dude or man or whatever
- please cw blood and wounds but that's just common sense
- other appreciated cws: suicide, transphobia, needles / syringes, domestic violence, queerphobic violence

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.... I thought Mal was Melissa. Because of the screen name

Treten trotzdem Erbrechen und Diarrhöe ein, so ist die richtige Zeit zur Küchenverwendung.

My sibling just brought the possibility of Horny Tom Bombadil into my life, thanks a lot

Big sailing ships used to have jails on board?? Brig if true

leto atreides ii : hey what do you think will happen if i smooch this worm

the reader: leto your high af please stop

leto: think this will make me a god or what

gender neutral term of endearment preservation society

having shut the fuck up like three or four times in my life, I gotta say, I don't recommend it

if were good friends you may have an invite. theres not too much room right now but I can adjust the plan if I need to

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Asking for donations for Souvka’s immigration 

My partner is moving in with me this month, and today yet another unforeseen financial issue came up.

We’re 70% away from the fundraiser goal, which will make us able to move without getting into further debt. Any amount helps, and all boosts help 💚

Here’s the ko-fi link:

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