People: why is björk like that

Icelandic lullabies:

I know i can self-declare but it only feels real to me when you do it @derek

@moviemorgz I love that
mine were just like about partying on the bayou

@moviemorgz oh there's some goth southern ones
like the 'go to sleep you little babe'

@moviemorgz A little more severe than one of the lullabies I grew up with:
"Don't grieve, don't cry, little child
You'll get the fair-haired boy
If you cry, I'll bury you down in the ground"

@kensanata Even as a small child, one does percieve the message :-)

@moviemorgz ah yes, an early Black-Eyed Pigs song that inspired Where Is The Love?

@moviemorgz *ahem* I hereby declare this recontextualized twisted-ass Icelandic lullaby a

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