This and also (idk who needs to hear this, but) being able to do something well isn’t the only point of doing it

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@moviemorgz @managingautie

I love nice feedback when I do something well (and hate not getting that – thanks, #RSD) 🤦‍♀️

So I think I crave the dopamine that comes from being validated by others

This was probably trained into me as a child through a combination of playground bullying and classroom achievement

There are things I enjoy doing for their own sake now, but my #ADHD brain’s always saying, what else can we get out of this?

My #Autistic brain just wants to play and infodump to friends

@moviemorgz absolutely this. like i do understand wanting people to look at the thing you made when you do bother to put things online, but it's very distressing how many people seem to think they're OWED interaction because they posted something online... like i get it. lack of interaction depresses me a lot but i just don't believe it's ultimately good for anyone to rely on or -demand- that of others.

@moviemorgz This is why I stopped reviewing movies back in the day when I, for a while, kept a constant movie review blog (and saw lots of movies). I realized that I could never just sit and enjoy a movie anymore. I was constantly thinking about what I was going to say about this or that, the entire film. I completely lost the ability to lose myself in the moment.

@moviemorgz yes! This! And a corollary - I also post my artistic 'fails' because people get a warped sense from such carefully curated posts.

@moviemorgz honestly my mental health improved considerably when i started making a conscious decision to keep more of my writing to myself and not worry so much about who might be reading it and why

@moviemorgz I write a diary with the intent that it might be read in 40-50 years, but for the most part I agree.

@drwho @moviemorgz you still can! I think the point is the difference between “I did a thing, I’d like to share it” and “there’s no point doing a thing unless it’s going to get attention when I share it”

And how the latter can suck joy out of a hobby, which is supposed to be about doing something only because you enjoy doing it

@calcifer @drwho @moviemorgz I think I find it hard to untangle my feelings behind when I try to share things widely. The thing getting attention is not motivation for starting the thing, but it can be one of the best end effects.

(Mostly self analyzing and not disagreeing with anything said)

@moviemorgz And this was said as a post in a social network, to be liked and boosted by followers.

@moviemorgz Even as a 21 y/o, I've never done this because I consider it to be attention seeking, pointless and not living in the moment. Even if I was a Gen Alpha or whatever they're calling the new gen these days, I'd still have the same mindset.

Not to say that I wouldn't post achievements like getting a new knife or post a photo of smth with a question, but I just don't see the point in putting your whole life on the internet.

It also just seems really exhausting.

@420CatLover @moviemorgz i'm also 21, and i just find it really exhausting as well, to the point where i've kinda given up on that stuff because i just think "if anyone does see what i post, do they even care, or am i just posting it for the sake of posting it?" but in a not depressed way, mainly out of curiousity or sth (if you get what i mean)

to be honest, i'd rather live in the moment and do my own thing, but apparently being an artist and being remotely involved in the creative industries means that i also have to be a content creator as well as an entrepreneur/business owner/personal brand manager, and that's something i'd rather not do, because trying to commodify my art practice sucks

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