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lewd joke / #Teorema shitposting 

dick so good it made the daughter catatonic.

dick so good it turned the son into an artist.

dick so good it made the mother search for it in the flesh of other young men.

dick so good it made the maid perform miracles.

dick so good it made the father give up his factory, strip down in public, and wander aimlessly through a barren wasteland (we’ve all been there)

i think that the next films for the rest of this week will be in preparation for the 1927 moviebowl. get hyped

ok i finished / & as usual it will take me some time to get my thoughts in order but right now all you need to know is that i’m sitting here looking like this

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imagine what group counselling with this family must be like lmfao

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gorgeous film, though. i think i knew about 10 mins in that it’d get 5 stars from me. need to see more of pasolini’s work

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“maybe i must probe the depths of this difference you have revealed…which is the innermost anguish of my being.”

imagine getting someone THIS horny. goals tbh

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i hate seeing people in films sleep with a full face of makeup like girl what!!! what is you doing!!!

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so far is aspirational because i would also like to be life-ruiningly sexy

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huh, i didn’t know anne wiazemsky was in this. that was a nice surprise

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“the bourgeoisie will never turn all humanity into bourgeoisie.”

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on a different note: i didn’t know black sails is on prime!!! heard so many great things about it

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“prime tv shows we think you’ll love: ‘i love dick’”

what are you trying to say, amazon

chores? done. dinner? eaten. gloves? off. wisdom teeth? out.

it’s time for another . tonight’s film is pier paolo pasolini’s theorem (1968)

lewd? food? idek 

i’m not made for capitalism. i’m filipino, so i was made to get tattoos, lay out in the sun naked, & eat fruit

health / food 

i have to be on a vegan low carb diet due to severe eczema & the meal prep service i get replaces potatoes with freakin CELERY.

acab obviously but i may just phone the police because this feels like a hate crime against me specifically

ukraine, politics 

my husband is ukrainian & all my in-laws are still there. i worry about them constantly, & i have a lot of feelings about the situation but not being ukrainian myself i think it’s better that i try & amplify ukrainian comrades’ voices instead.

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ukraine, politics 

hey so i’m not going to lecture anyone about their political takes or whatever but if you’re going to have a view about the situation in ukraine, please ensure you’re taking the time to listen to what ukrainian leftists have to say.

volodymyr ishchenko is a good one. he has a lot of content in english.

overall it was a great watch. call me by your name continues to be my favourite guadagnino, but i’ll definitely include i am love (2009) in my to-watch list so i can complete the trilogy and maybe write about it as a whole.

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performance-wise, was incredible. he demanded the audience’s attention with his larger-than-life presence.

unsurprisingly was also great - especially considering she had so few lines to work with.

i have no strong feelings about matthias schoenaerts’ portrayal of paul, and frankly i think dakota johnson was terribly unconvincing as the supposedly enigmatic pen.

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