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This and also (idk who needs to hear this, but) being able to do something well isn’t the only point of doing it

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alright i need you lot to go easy on me because i haven’t drawn in ages

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My communist senses were tingling, something was very wrong

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Felt some kind of mental disturbance all day & couldn’t figure out why. Turns out the 🤢 k*ng 🤢 is in my town

Love going to yoga so I can quiet the internal screams for like an hour

Cetaphil if you’re reading this please hire me

I will go door-to-door, show people my ID, and get them to buy your SPF

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Got our groceries delivered & they asked to see my ID (no idea why considering I didn’t buy alcohol but anyway)

Mans couldn’t believe I’m 30 and told me to “keep up the good work” 😂

Swaddling the baby is so important!!! (I’m the baby)

Obsessed with the fact that I’m such a sunshine-y person IRL meanwhile my Storygram reading mood stats look like this:


A lot of Europeans have more disdain for the body positivity movement than they do for the tobacco industry, & they try to justify their BS with some faux concern over “public health” or whatever

Fat people being treated with kindness & respect, promoting health at every size, and having more plus size options in clothing stores has NO detrimental impact on my health whatsoever. But you know what does, Hans? Secondhand smoke. Get your priorities in order

Me whenever I’m hating: It’s what Bolaño would have wanted

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RIP Roberto Bolaño, your hater energy is truly unmatched

Update: he left before I did coz I got distracted making this meme. My status as a memelord has ruined my life once again

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I have no idea how to build up friendships through smalltalk or whatever. Go big or go home TBH

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There’s a guy I always see at the gym & we’re at that stage of being friendly where we smile & nod at each other. Anyway if we end up leaving at the same time later I’m just going to straightup ask him if he wants to be friends

Some chucklefuck on reddit: Vegans are all extremely skinny and unhealthy

Me: [literally reading this between my weightlifting sets] Huh, guess I didn’t get the memo


Every single time I ask Mr. Morgz if he wants noodles, the answer is yes.

Creamy gochujang & mushroom noodles

“Oh so Jesus can make a comeback but I can’t? Sounds kinda sexist to me”

“Wow y’all were way nicer to me when I was dead SMH”

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“Morgan didn’t you die” that was last month, dude. Things change. Grow up

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Imagine the DRAMA of it all. The reveal would involve me descending from the ceiling on a swing or something. There will be glitter and choreography

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If I ever became famous I’d totally fake my death then make a shocking comeback. I feel like not enough people do that, celebrities are too boring these days

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