@hex it's the (Philadelphia) Phillies and the (Pittsburgh) Pirates, if anyone wants to know what the P's are for.

@bright_helpings thanks for the heads up! ask me to give you a rundown on programming languages or roman emperors, i’m your person. but anything about sports and my uselessness starts to shine

@hex This is the single sport I do know much about, tbh.

@hex @bright_helpings did Caligula prefer functional or object oriented programming

@cinebox @hex @bright_helpings Caligula was absolutely an OOP guy. It’s why the Roman nobility killed him; they were all imperative procedural types.

@nsmckinnon @cinebox @bright_helpings i missed this but gotta back up noah with his historically and technologically accurate answer

@hex @cinebox @bright_helpings I had to look up the different programming types but if there is *anything* the Romans were, “imperative, procedural” describes it to a T.

@cinebox @nsmckinnon @bright_helpings working on a “spaghetti code” joke that’ll probably percolate after i’ve had my tea

@bright_helpings @hex I blame this for my dream last night where the Pirates braced this and sold a cap that said P00P that now I very much want.


So when the Yankees play the Mets, both from NYC, it's called the Subway Series...

So what do we call the intra-state games in PA now? :blob_gnikniht:

[given the things I've seen on the subway, this score is accurate.]

@hex the thing is this is also a perfect summary of the current Pittsburgh Pirates, as a team

@derek *scrambles for the delete button* oh no oh no oh no

@hex This has such promise because it appeals to people who don't Ike baseball and people who do, which is very rare! @derek

@derek @bright_helpings i’ve found my new Brand ™️ : the intersection between wholesome baseball jokes and poop jokes

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