light spoilers for the card counter 

i had heard absolutely nothing about this movie and hadn't realised the central character is a war criminal literal torturer 🙃

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ed wanted to watch the card counter and i was like oh oscar isaac doing some handsome gambling wot fun, i was incorrect

Put The Fast & The Furious in the library of congress

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the only leos carax i've seen before is the merde segment from tokyo but now i'm watching annette and lemme just say wot in the fuck is occurring

halloween kills (2021) 

i literally wailed "JUDY NO" at my laptop, just a crime to me personally

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halloween kills (2021) 

lemme tell you tho, the end? absolutely no thank u how dare you do my judy like that. also lmao that jamie lee was barely in the movie

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just watched halloween kills my dudes for a seasonal spooky time

just watched prisoners of the ghostland and wow that was a lot wasn't it

i watched the dry bc it's been hyped as one of the best australian films of all time and it was... fine? quite good? no muriel's wedding tho

I liked it pals will think more later about it bc sleepy boi but ya lovely dev patel and his lovely hair and lovely the vvitch vibes bc of cast obv and i simply had a nice time

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i have very few thoughts so far apart from this is visually sick as hell

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i'm finally watching the green knight what a treat for me, vee

seed of chucky (2004) opens with just cgi sperm travelling up what is presumably a cgi uterussy. i love cinema

watching bride of chucky and turns out i fancy jennifer tilly so much i even fancy her in possessed doll form

this weekend we have watched dear evan hansen and reminiscence and imo neither of them are very good

(selfie / eye contact)
hello it is my birthday i am 32 and having the loveliest of calm days full of food and cuddles wot a nice time :flavortown:

RT @staennis
when stellan skarsgard was asked about martin scorsese's opinion of marvel, he used the opportunity focus on a larger critique of capitalism and i'm proud of him

we're watching it for my birthday and i am having a delightful time tbqh friends wot a cast this movie has

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jennifer coolidge in a cinderella story is one of the greatest comedy performances ever

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