That moment when you legit make toast instead of just heating your bread up with the toaster.

@gekko I don't actually own a toaster so I have to do this 😂

@raantuva How does one heat up their toast with no toaster?

@gekko cast iron frying pan and immediate consumption, toaster oven, very clean hair or clothes iron with a barrier in a in a pinch

@gekko an actual oven is an option too but, like, who wants to sweat while they wait

@raantuva The image of someone nonchalantly placing a single piece of bread on a baking tray and into the oven is hilarious.

Will definitely have to try the iron lol.

@gekko I actually make a nostalgic treat that way, cinnamon toast. Has to be baked. As I understand fairy bread also has to be made this way since you're coating it in stuff like sprinkles. 😂

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