What are ya’ll’s most anticipated movies this year?

I’m trying to compile a decent list. Please boost++

@gekko i am genuinely looking forward to fast and furious 9

@ttle People joke about this series, but F&F has found its footing and is actually highly enjoyable. The cast is diverse, charismatic, and cool. I also really want to see the crew go into space. No joke.

@gekko F&F in space would be a non-joke cinematic event

@gekko ngl I'm pretty hype for the new film bro auteur joints (Nolan! Wright! Wes!), and the Bob's Burgers movie will probably be a blast

@derek The film bros are going to lose it this year with Nolan, Wright, and Wes back to back. I'm very much looking forward to Tenet and SoCal as well. I'm not the biggest Anderson fan, but I've been following Timothy Chalemet since Call Me By Your Name, so I'll see anything he's in.

@gekko Jordan Peele remaking Candyman, Charlie Kaufman's new film I'm Thinking of Ending Things, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Rocks, new Christopher Nolan and new Wes Anderson.

@WoozleWuzzle To my great shame I haven't seen many Kaufman films. I really want to see Portrait of a Lady on Fire tho, I've heard unbelievably good things about it.

@gekko ah Kaufman is one of my faves and always a treat! Yeah, Portrait is out here finally in couple of weeks and I've got my ticket already haha

@gekko oh, I just checked and Jordan Peele isn't actually directing but his name is the only one being talked about when actually a woman called Nia DaCosta is directing his script! Anyway, I'm hyped

@gekko Emma (tho that's more careful optimism that looking forward to), Woman in the Window, does Just Mercy being released in February count? Mulan Remake, sorta

@Thomas @gekko I'm not convinced they won't fuck it up yet but I guess I'll see like, next week?

@kioskwitch @Thomas Oh damn it comes out next week!! Ah I'm excited.

@kioskwitch I've been on a bit of a period piece binge and am a huge fan of Anya Taylor-Joy. Emma is absolutely on my list as well. It's apparently getting good early-reviews! And yup, Just Mercy counts! I'll add that one too, thank you :)

@kioskwitch oh wait Woman in the Window. Amy Adams!! Ahhh

@gekko I'm ... Well. It could be incredibly awful but it looks really tense and possibly good and I do like at least one of Joe Wright's movies?

@kioskwitch Joe Wright is pretty flexible, so I’ll definitely give him the benefit of the doubt. I low-key love his action film Hanna, and come back to it a lot.

@gekko I haven't seen that one! His career is incredibly strange to me, just a super weird trajectory

@gekko like how did the guy who made Pride and Prejudice go on to make a really terrible Black mirror episode, and Pan

@kioskwitch lmao yeah he’s kind of all over the place. He’s done period pieces, and historical dramas, and thrillers, and... yeah, whatever Pan was supposed to be...

@gekko haha it's probably artemis fowl so far, i don't keep a lookout for smaller movies very long before they come out though

@em My inner 12yo is psyched for this movie. Shame it didn't get made when these books were at their peak, but better late than never.

@gekko yeah same! it's nice though, i haven't read the books in long enough that whatever changes they make probably won't bother me

@gekko thanks to this I'm literally just going through the film release schedule and getting excited to spend the year at the cinema haha

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