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selfie, soft ec 

What can I say, the lighting was nice.

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Hot takes about everything (*except* pol) 

This is a thread titled “Hills that I will die on.” Filled with hot takes that I can’t be the only one to have. Surely.

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Everyone's making Best of the Decade lists, so I decided to do my own too.

Take a look, then come back and tell me what an idiot I am for missing that one movie.

Also bite me, Logan's in my Top 10. I only cried three times watching films this decade, and that was one of them.

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Working movie tagline:

"In the future, superheroes rule the world.

And the best heroes

Come from Hong Kong."

*gnarly synth motif plays*


Getting drunk and listening to music.

Name a better duo.

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that indian guy saying he didnt care if his restaurant burned down because you can rebuild it but you cant rebuild a human life is king shit

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employment, mh + 

And with that, ya boy stopped working at a multi-national military contractor and decided to float along in the wind.

Clear skies ahead.

politics, cops 

Man, arguing with my dad can be a ride.

My dad: Fox News is my favourite news channel.

Also my dad: All cops are bastards.

Good morning from the West coast fedi.

If you’re a pop head, you should check out Dagny.

mh, lewd, shitpost 

Can you believe there are people out there living without mental health issues, medicine, or impairments? Just raw-dogging life with no consequences.

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me: hmm gender binary feels confining gonna transcend it

queer culture: welcome! please fill out this short questionnaire!
- top or bottom?
- dom or sub?
- butch or femme?
- are you bisexual** or lesbian***?
- please select a flag from the dropdown menu

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I know we were speaking a little earlier today about some of the things short people (specifically short men) have to put up with, I want to add to that many workplaces or safety features aren't suitable for short people at all, and this makes them dangerous

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humble request 

Send me photos of trains you've travelled or you're about to travel with. Intercity, light rail and metro, old trains and new ones, those you took once or those you ride on a daily basis, show them to me. I fucking love trains & they make me happy. Choo-choo. ♡

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selfie, soft ec 

What can I say, the lighting was nice.


*Lying in bed. It’s 3am*

Brain: Hey, want to think about that cringey thing you did today?

Me: But... I didn’t do anything cringey today.

Brain: Oh? Okay, what if you did something cringey in this *totally fictional situation*?

Me: 😬

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The Big Short 

“It’s like Deadpool but with banks.”
- my sister

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body image representation 

I don't need to rant about the importance of representation because this is the fedi and you're all aware of its importance.

Just once, I'd like to see a short character be the superhero. Be the romantic protagonist. Be desired without having to prove themselves against someone who is clearly taller and more attractive. To not be the but of a joke (looking at you, Kevin Hart).

Short men are kings with no caveats.

I just wish the media saw that.

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body image representation 

Relationship movies are a whole other beast.

For films depicting straight couples, the man is *always * taller than the woman. The only exception in living memory, for me, is The Hunger Games.

As far as Hollywood is concerned, if you're a short man, you're not attractive.

James Corden made a comment similar to this one, about plus sized men: in Hollywood, fat = funny. Plus sized men apparently never get to be seen as romantic.

Likewise: short men.

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body image representation 

For example, many comic book fans are aware that Wolverine is 5'4" in the comic books. His actor, Hugh Jackman, is 6'.

I'm not ripping on Jackman (Logan is in my all time favourites) but you can tell no one gave a shit about short representation when that casting was made.

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body image representation 

I'm not asking for the world here. The "if this is a universe where there's X, there can be Y" is lazy if not applied correctly. And so, if there's a short superhero, have them face reasonable limits.

Fighting a Chris Evans-sized guy? Have them struggle to succeed because their height is a disadvantage. Or have them act resourceful. Or give them a power that compliments their situation.

And no, I'm not just talking about being the tech guy ffs.

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