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selfie, no ec 

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Everyone's making Best of the Decade lists, so I decided to do my own too.

Take a look, then come back and tell me what an idiot I am for missing that one movie.

Also bite me, Logan's in my Top 10. I only cried three times watching films this decade, and that was one of them.

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Working movie tagline:

"In the future, superheroes rule the world.

And the best heroes

Come from Hong Kong."

*gnarly synth motif plays*

Whenever I’m listening to a “Recommended For You” playlist, I picture that each new song is a contestant on American Idol where I’m the only judge. And then whenever I skip a song part-way through, the band has to pack up and get off the stage.

Like sorry lads, you blew it. Not for me.

Alright well now I've had too much coffee and it feels like I'm having a stroke.

Waking up, drinking coffee, and then patiently waiting an hour for the caffeine to enter my system and make me feel like I’m alive.

Is this what being an adult is like? Fuuuuuuck.

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I'm still pissed that Green Book won Best Picture

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Corona Virus goes down easier with a bit of Lyme disease

Ten years ago Mass Effect 2 was released. 14yo me would be so enthralled by this space opera that I obsessed over the game for weeks. I will never forget the final assault on the Collector Base.

In my opinion, AAA games have gone downhill ever since.

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Whatdo you call it when a 90s sitcom Cloudcuckoolander gets cloned and has to fight his original to the death? 

Is the smell of Axe Body Spray nostalgic, or cursed?

mh +, sending good vibes 

mh +, sending good vibes 

Prof: "Have any of you actually done the reading?"

Class: ...

Prof: "Fine. Fuck it, I'll just tell you what it's about."

Prof, bless your soul

Guys need more jewelry options. Like I want a baller rope-necklace that has a workable USB stick as it’s charm or something. I could store meaningful photos, helpful scripts, or just personal documents on it.

Also rings. Rings are cool but I don’t want to look like my Italian grandfather or something.

Why is getting out of bed literally the hardest thing in the universe sometimes

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domino's pizza tracker but for your own death

I often come across the baller-ass music that @Aleums has recommended to me in the past and relive how great it is. How does he find this stuff? How does he know I’ll enjoy it? Mysteries....

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Understand that not everyone can do all the things you can do as easily 2020

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