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Hot Rod is on Pluto TV Channel 60 right now.

Just letting you know.

From Tonight's Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour Rerun on Buzzr.

The top answer was literally right there and the contestant and the celebrities didn't guess Blank Check!

Also what in the name of God is a Bed Check? - Finally! I get to hear Eric Bischoff talk about Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon.

Bless you Conrad Thompson!

Now over @ account there is @gd525 (duh) follow it now.

“Here's the hose we're going to insert into you for the liposuction, Mr. Brando."

“THERE GOES FRITZ!” - Dennis James

“Doctor! It hurts when I play Hollywood Squares, but I’m gonna do it anyway!”

There's also an episode that centers around a poker tournament.

Because that's what you do hold a poker tournament on a super fast train that runs on Time Lord technology.

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What a bunch of crap the whole title of the show is a joke that's not a Supertrain!

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I have to make a correction Supertrain goes from NY to LA in a day and a half not an hour and a half.

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Did I mention the episode we're watching features Billy Barty and another little person along with another guy kidnapping a Presidential Candidate replacing him with his twin brother? -

This is proof Fred Silverman had to be on cocaine running NBC in the Late 70's.

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Me and a friend are watching an episode of the short lived 1979 NBC show Supertrain about a super powered train that gets to NY to LA in 90 minutes.

We are trying to determine how fast the train would have to be going in that timeframe.

I just found out Matthew Perry was on a sitcom in 1987 on FOX where his future self in 2011 dies in a hovercraft accident and he has to set his past self played by Matthew Perry straight in order to get to heaven. - Thank Christ! Now hopefully we can have a long term deal after the third movie but at least the FFH cliffhanger will be resolved.

It was obvious when they gave that excuse from the start dummy.

Lesson if you are running a YouTube channel devoted to film, never ever take studio executives at their word.

They lie about things 95% of the time.

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