- In the meantime here's Episode 72 of the Podcast complete with a Funko POP visual aid for one segment.

Heavy Burger is now $1.99 on sale at the Switch eShop and you all need to get it.

@derek The scene where he pisses his pants at the Grammy's is an all-time classic.

@derek remember the vuvuzela feature on YouTube in 2010?

Finally got the Road House: Shout Select Blu-ray from Shout! so now I'm going to watch it. - Friends don't let Friends share Easily Debunked Simpsons Prediction Memes.

"Diane, I have a strange hunch. Is the murder of Laura Palmer really the end or just the beginning? In any case, I am absolutely certain that the key to the solution of this riddle is hidden within this film." -

Xavier: Renegade Angel might be the most WTF thing that I have seen in a while since I started the Podcast.

Give me Keaton as Bruce Wayne in the Live Action Flashpoint Movie, IDGAF.

Alexa, show me one of the greatest pictures in history.

I'm watching some episodes from Family Matters' final season on CBS which aired on TV One last night. Man, it was long past time to just cancel it at that point. These are so damn bad.

Karen Gillan is the only person worthy of the name Karen. - 😍

$10,000 Fish Bowls, Stupid Pet Tricks, A Forerunner to another Game Show, A trip to a small town in Iowa and a Living Deck of 52 Playing Cards are all what's discussed in our newest episode of the Podcast. -

The Gene Wood spooky voice for the Halloween '79 slate at 1:43 is just great!

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I'm loving this collection of Password Plus slates that BUZZR just posted. - - Got to appreciate Jeff G. rocking the Southpaw Regional Wrestling Tee.

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