I watched Episode 8 of Supertrain which is the episode where Roddy McDowell and Cleavon Little compete in a Poker Tournament and my co-host on my Podcast had many questions about it.

I have to be honest the Xbox Series S is a better name for a game console than the Xbox One was.

jumanji: the next level 

jumanji: the next level 

I stand corrected because of today’s events this is no longer the dumbest post of the year nor is it the dumbest MCU related post on social media this year.

Congratulations Austin McConnell ruining LonelyGirl15 is still the worst thing you’ve ever done.

Michael Scott should have won an Oscar for Threat Level Midnight. - youtube.com/watch?v=7iPyz6Yqwl

“The calls are coming in, you better start to grin cause you never know just what they’re gonna say.” - itwasathingontv.com/e/episode-

youtube.com/watch?v=sfM7_JLk-8 - I approve of the use of New Order in the Trailer for Wonder Woman 1984!

And it’s not like he posted this right after Infinity War, Nope! He posted this in March a month before Endgame and after the trailer and promotional material had already been sent to theaters.

I don’t think chains like AMC and Regal would have appreciated having the rug pulled from under them if it was a “fake” movie.

I mean he clearly made this video as an early April Fools right? You can’t be that damn stupid!

I know there’s still 24 days left in 2019 but we all have to agree there’s nothing that’s beating this as the dumbest post of the year right?

A Siskel and Ebert Christmas 

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