First thing that I watched on Disney+ was the episode of Boy Meets World where Shawn joined the Mafia run by Soupy Sales and Buddy Hackett.

"How did this show survive for 7 months in 1984 without Mr. Smith references?"

oh crap this gets worse 

They really overdid it with the Carl’s Jr. promotions.

Two of my favorite things: time travel movies and actors who worked with Michael J Fox.

toxic lady manbabies 

I want this picture of Simon McCorkindale from Manimal holding this falcon.

From Tonight's Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour Rerun on Buzzr.

The top answer was literally right there and the contestant and the celebrities didn't guess Blank Check!

Also what in the name of God is a Bed Check?

“Here's the hose we're going to insert into you for the liposuction, Mr. Brando."

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