- Cue the insufferable people who will cry "MIKEY SUTTON WAS RIGHT!" even though the eventual series will be nothing like he originally described.

Kind of like how he said that the X-Men would be in an Avengers movie around 2014-2015 and then claim when news of the Disney/FOX sale broke that he had it first even though the details of the sale had nothing to do with each other. Along with the fact that Disney mainly bought FOX for the National Geographic Library and everything else (X-Men/F4 Rights; permanent rights to A New Hope) were secondary.

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Reminded of when he actually claimed because Disney/Marvel had him in the Directors Chair for Black Panther instead of Creed II "his orphaned child" didn't fare so well without him.

Creed II (BO)

Creed (BO)
DOMESTIC (63.2%)

I remember when he said that in the mist of following him for the Sony/Disney dispute involving the Spider-Man rights last year thinking "yeah, this guy's probably full of shit."

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