Just picked up six DVD’s at a thrift shop.

Combined total was close to $12.

There was a sealed copy of the 1960’s Casino Royale included which believe it or not was the one James Bond related movie I didn’t own on DVD.

One of the DVD’s was an NBC Promotional DVD from around 2008 that was sold at Wal-Mart that I got mainly because it might be useful for my podcast.

It contains the pilot and three additional episodes of Friday Night Lights but it also has a “sneak peak” of the awful Bionic Woman reboot.

Which is mainly why I spent $1.99 for it.

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This show was so bad it made that idiot Jeff Zucker waste five hours of prime time on J** L*** f’ing up his ratings and late night shows so much he assured himself to be worse than Fred Silverman at running NBC.

And “great” job Turner hiring him at CNN he’s done such a “stellar” job letting his employees get harassed by his BFF.

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I also got the two-disc Special Edition of the 1930’s Robin Hood movie in excellent condition considering it was at a thrift store and it was $1.99.

And this discs were in pretty good shape barely any scratches.

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@gd525 That was one of our serious contenders for the movie that should have won 1938 instead of You Can’t Take It with You... but only if we accept that the Academy was never going to pick Grand Illusion because it’s French.

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