- We recorded a live show for the Press Your Luck season premiere. West Coasters you might want to start this at around 8:55 Pacific Time to sync up.

That takes us up to 1974
And now old Gordon runs a grocery store
With a wife named Gretchen who hangs around the house
And her son named Terry by a previous spouse
Gordon sits behind the counter, in hock up to his nose
In a dither, in a pickle, in a store that's never closed
And he's open all night, open all night...
Open all night...
Open all night...
Open all night...
Open all night...

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Then old Gordon sort of drifted this way and that
At times he had some money, other times he was flat
He always seemed to manage, though he never saved a cent
Sure, it was a struggle, but he always paid the rent
Now he's open all night (yeah!), open all night

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This is the story of Gordon Feester
Born in Ohio the day before Easter
Had a normal childhood, did okay in school
Graduated from Columbus High in 1962
Now he's open all night, open all night

Went away to college but he didn't do that good
So the Army drafted him and he got sent to Fort Hood
Served a two-year hitch, never went overseas
Spent a year peeling potatoes and a year copping Z's
Now he's open all night, open all night

Yesterday marked 22 years since the death of Phil Hartman.

Out of everything he did on SNL this will always be my favorite.

Considering we also lost Jan Hooks a few years ago this to me is a wonderful tribute to the two of them. -

Anyone have HBO Max and have any thoughts on it so far?

Nice try YouTube algorithm trying to sneak videos from Dan Ryckert on my "recommendations".

That look the Fourth Doctor has behind The Master’s back.

Netflix GLOW vs. All Japan Women in Fire Pro World on PS4. - This was possibly one of our best episodes yet a look at the 1987/88 FOX comedy Second Chance (1987)/Boys Will Be Boys starring a Pre-Friends Matthew Perry.

He’s asking her about that cold hard cash going directly into her PayPal account. - I want David Lynch doing the weather from his Kitchen to be a daily thing.

The Jeopardy! GOAT Tournament is currently rerunning so now is a good time if you missed it the first time to listen to our episode about the 1990 Super Jeopardy! Tournament and Monopoly. -

The two USB PS1 Controllers that I got with the PS1 Classic last year have made great use for me when playing old games on RetroArch for my Lenovo Gaming PC.

So that's $20 well spent.

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