Good Morning here's Jim Cornette burying Tim Horner for a half-hour. -

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forgot that my alarm was still the theme song from Night Court

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So I got a $5 AMC eGift Card from one of the trivia apps that I play.

I have it stored with two other $10 AMC eGift Cards on my Apple Wallet App that my Aunt gave me several Christmas’ back.

It doesn’t help though that the closest AMC by my house is an AMC Loews that’s about twenty miles from my house and is a real hassle to get there driving.

Not to mention there’s a much better theater run by Showcase/National Amusements that’s about the same distance roughly.

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endgame thoughts after watching it a second time Show more

It’s weird knowing Edward from Twilight is now the new Batman.

But in all seriousness I wish Pattinson the best in the role.

I bet a few people will now go out of their way to get the Sega Genesis Classic just because of Wily Wars since that never got a NA release.

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I would pay to see Detective Pikachu again just to be able to see more of the chirping Bulbasaurs

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@derek I should note my Dad randomly brought up Ted Danson in Blackface just now when discussing the Virginia Governor.

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"WHAT???????? THAT'S A $200 FINE"

Now this makes me fear an alternate reality where WCW survived and Bischoff moved all their PPV’s to Bleacher Report with a slideshow montage before every match.

So AEW with the TNT deal announced their iPPv’s are streaming exclusively on Bleacher Report. - I'm happy that.

A. I know what the heck that song is at the opening at Barry.

B. That the singer of the song looks like Nipsey Russell's twin brother.

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🎶 rainy days and mondays aaaaalways get me damp~ 🎶

Back Pass from the ESPN 30 for 30 Podcast series about the formation and folding of the WUSA is a listen that I highly recommend.

If you care about gender equality and the issues women still face in sport, it's worth your time.

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