Also if it’s been rumored that Apple or Amazon will buy Sony Pictures, Disney can get the rights back anyway for nothing.

Why would Disney pay $5B more then they paid for the whole Marvel property in 2009 just to get the film rights for one character?

People on YouTube “reporting” on the b.s. story from WGTC about Disney wanting to pay Sony $10B for the Spidey film rights proves Mysterio’s point in FFH that people will believe anything.

Enjoy Bill Hader talking about true crime for ten minutes with the Mii Channel music in the background. -

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Enjoy this old Siskel & Ebert PBS Episode from 1978 featuring their review of Superman! -

Currently binging Season 1 of Superstore on Hulu.

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Meanwhile I’m watching some AL West baseball on MLBN.

If you can get to it on Wednesday Night, I recommend you go to the Fathom Events 40th Anniversary screening of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

While I much prefer the 2001 Directors Edition and hope that gets a remastered Blu-ray release, it was great to see the movie in its original form on a big screen.

Will the Khan family fire Doug Marrone before the first AEW episode on TNT?

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The proximity can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.

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Just imagine a "100 Best Films of the 20th Century" list written in 1919.

“Sony’s gonna get the next Spider-Man movie right! Look at how great the Spider-Man PS4 game was!”

You know Insomniac Games isn’t writing the script for the next Spider-Man movie right?

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OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR subscription to The London Local!

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TIL they rigged special strobe lighting rigs in 42 theaters for a cost of $14,000 each just so they could sync up with the lightning effects in this lame ass Jurassic Park: The Lost World teaser.


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