I went through the list of the 50 Worst Shows of All-Time from TV Guide from 2002 on a segment of my podcast last night and we could tell that the list was done in 15 minutes by someone who clearly never bothered to watch any of these shows.

apparently Sutton has no idea how script rewrites work.

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mando s2 finale 

Glad I finished it first thing in the morning before work before the Internet ruined the last 20 minutes for me.

I don't get why people are like "WOW! THE SNYDER CUT OF JUSTICE LEAGUE WILL GET AN R RATING!" The extended version of Batman v. Superman had an R rating also.

Disney is releasing an Enchanted Sequel and Sister Act 3. Forget Marvel we are done here!

Give me all these Star Wars series on Disney+!

This is a prize for the showcase an Atari 2600 with Pac-Man. I’m sure this was in a Goodwill five years later.

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Man the people who make Rainbow High dolls must have really spent a lot of money on Pluto to make people want to buy them for their daughters or nieces for Christmas.

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Yeah, I’m going to post the most silly retro products I see on The Price Is Right channel on Pluto.


twitter.com/George95__/status/ - Making shitty movie review videos with D**g W****r ...... oh wait you're talking about the soccer player with that name. Nevermind.

Enjoy my latest podcast episode about this (thankfully) forgotten Thanksgiving animated special. - itwasathingontv.com/e/episode-

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