Guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Mr. Peanut is not real.

And on that note enjoy this video of Hugh Wilson talking about “The Famous Teddy Z” with Jon Cryer. -

I finally found the Blu-ray copy of Toy Story 4 that was buried underneath the mountains of clothes of stuff I got for Christmas last month in one of my bags.

Bonus: Promo for Condo with McLean Stevenson!

BTW we debut our new opening in this episode where the theme kinda sounds like the opening of the RCA CED VideoDisc. -

Our latest episode of the Podcast looks at the 2003 FOX Reality Hit "Joe Millionaire". -

I saw a stupid YouTube thumbnail was the description “Disney Ruins Another Company | R.I.P. 20th Century Fox.”

How about this description instead “Rupert Murdoch poisons name of iconic brand because of his partisan b.s. and inability to stop females in his workplace from being sexual harassed that the family friendly company that bought his studio wants to distance themselves from his brand.”

Is it that hard to type?

In the meantime enjoy our review of Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time from the 1993 BBC Children In Need Telethon.

One of two times within the month we will talk about Noel Edmonds!

I'm told Match Game-Hollywood Squares Reruns will go back to airing new to Buzzr episodes in about a week and a half to two weeks.

Can't wait to see how the rest of Butch Hartman's run turned out.

Jerry Springer now has a Judge show? Where have I been? - WB and Universal merging their DVD/Blu-ray Operations is pretty major news.

Hopefully this will mean we will see some of the deep cuts in Universal's catalog be added on Warner Archive.

I was just told my Shout Select Blu-ray of Brewster's Millions that I pre-ordered is on the way.

I couldn't be more excited!

Our latest episode of the Podcast looks at the 1978-80 Syndicated classic "The $1.98 Beauty Show" with Rip Taylor!

Make sure you have a grocery bag full of confetti on hand!

So I ordered Family Feud on NES on eBay.

So once I get it, I will finally have a complete collection of all the NES Game Show Adaptations.

Then I will move on to try and complete all the NES Baseball games.

I probably have about two or three games left.

I'm still holding out hope someone can revive Winning Lines one day DAMNIT! - Latest episode of the Podcast where we discuss Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Knockoffs from 2000.

Very timely given yesterday's announcement that the show is coming back to ABC with Jimmy Kimmel.

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