- Gerry Brisco: “Mr. MACKMAHON has loaded the Eternals premiere with great surprisements!”

no time to die 

So EON/MGM is just gonna reboot the franchise again in five years I'm guessing?

Me after seeing the leaked trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

What If...? Season 1, Episode 2 Spoiler 

Disappointed that DQ Janitor Peter Quill wasn't using a Zune to listen to his music instead of a tape player.

Enjoy the Live Show I did for my Podcast on the movie Money Plane starring Frasier Crane and Edge from the WWE.


After watching The Suicide Squad, I'm the #1 King Shark Mark.

Observation: The alternate reversible cover art for the Arrow Academy Blu-ray of The Big Clock is way better than the actual cover art which is two pictures on a blah blackground and a blah back cover.

Don't mind me I'm just watching the Blu-ray of the 1986 Roddy Piper classic Body Slam that I just got from Kino Lorber.

“Is that Mr. Belvedere? Time to make the donuts!”

“Hammerhead! It was Hammerhead! He did this!” - Enjoy this training video for an obsolete practice from almost 40 years ago.

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