- What my attention has been on for the last 24 Hours. Thanks Clint of LGR for bringing this on my Radar. I'm having a blast with this.

But man that part at the three minute mark where Koppel asks Schultz what he'd say to his grandkids regarding the film is awkward given what later happened with his grandson regarding Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.

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Oh wait George Schultz is still alive (as we know from all the Elizabeth Holmes stuff) but technically he only appeared before the panel from his house in a live interview segment with Koppel so I don't think he counts for the panel.

Show thread - Damn this makes Kissinger the last living person who was on the ABC News Viewpoint panel following The Day After.

Not that movie theaters will be open in NY this year anyway.

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Look, I’d be willing to pay $30 to watch Black Widow on Disney+ if it meant I didn’t have to risk getting COVID in a theater.

Drive in tonight is on a parking lot near the beach. So we’ll probably get a lot of passers by wondering what the hell we’re doing.

At the drive-in to see Clue tonight. Good thing there’s no rain like last week.

We all remember when Eddie Murphy sang Party All The Time but do you all remember Boogie In Your Butt? -

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Man these last three shows since BUZZR has resumed the run have been real good. New panel on tomorrow night’s rerun.

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mg-hsh alert 

Record the 1:00 AM Rerun on the DVR if you can.

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